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Rivervue Medway Club Brochure 2016

2017 Membership Application Form

Medway Membership Pack

MembershipTestimonial – Sandra Newham

Just over 10 years ago Paul and I moved to “the West”. After settling into our new home we decided to look for a Golf Club to join, several are in reasonable proximity to our home. We we chose Medway and we are so pleased we did.

At the time of joining Medway Golf Club I was a fairly new and inexperienced golfer, needing lots of help with my game, the rules and even understanding the way of the Club. I didn’t have to worry though as I was quickly taken under the wings of several very friendly ladies and made to feel right at home. A few lessons with our talented “Pro” got my game on the road, I hate to admit I still struggle with rules though.

I have always enjoyed our Course and I particularly love the beautiful surrounding, trees, gardens, rolling green hills and elegant Clubhouse. Over the 10 years I have seen many changes, our Management is very forward thinking, always looking to improve our Course and therefore our golfing experience. The condition of the 18 holes at present is absolutely wonderful and the improvements to the Clubhouse have really made our Social events outstanding.

The ladies are still a friendly, thoughtful bunch, we look after each other and ensure new members feel welcome in our gorgeous golfing oasis. Everyone you meet from Office, Bar, Pro Shop, Catering and Green Keepers are happy to be of assistance, nothing seems to be too much trouble. I am looking forward to my next ten years!!

Sandra Newham – Medway Member    


MEMBERSHIP FEE STRUCTURE 2017-18 (subject to AGM 2017)  

 Annual Subscriptions:  7 Day  Monthly    Entrance Fee
 7 Day   $2090.00  $270.00 1st Payment $245.00 X 8   (negotiable on application)
6 Day $1776.50 $236.50 1st Payment $210.00 X 8  
5 Day $1254.60 $194.00 1st Payment $150.00 X 8  
Junior Member (18-20 yrs) $627.00     $137.50
 Junior Member (under 17 yrs)  $418.00      $137.50
Cadet (8-11 year old) $110.00      
 Other Charges:        
 Affiliation Fee and Personal Insurance (compulsory for all members)  $90.00
 * All fees and charges are inclusive of GST. These rates are effective 1st April 2017


Corporate Membership – Packages 2017


Membership Categories

Adult (21 years and over)
 7 day – allows play every day 6 day – no Saturday golf 5 day – no weekend golf  
Juniors (20 years and under)
12 to 17 years     play allowed everyday  
18 to 20 years     play allowed everyday  
Country Membership  
 For members whose permanent residence is more that 150 kilometres from the GPO
Temporary Membership
  • Essentially for international visitors for stays of over two months
  • No entrance fee is payable
  • Subscriptions are pro-rated for the number of months





Membership Procedure


Complete and submit the Membership Proposal form. In the event of not having a proposer the manager may act as a proposer on application. If there are no objections from any Members; your proposal is then presented before the Board of Directors for approval at their meeting.

Membership Acceptance

You are then advised in writing of your acceptance as a Member, and an invoice is forwarded detailing the entrance fee, subscription and any other charges that are due. Once payment is received, you are entitled to commence play and use the Club’s facilites. You will never look back.



  1. “Make 800 new friends”
  2. “Improve your health” (golf is the healthiest game in the world)
  3. Joining Medway is “Good for business” (over 800 potential new customers for your business)
  4. 7 free rounds at our partner Golfwest courses (
  5. Discount driving range balls at Riverside Essendon Driving range (must show golflink card)