Women’s New Golfer Trial

Starting Wednesday January 16th and running weekly a new social golf experience for women is starting.

5 holes for $5 at 10am is available for all new women golfers. Golfers will be assisted by Medway members or staff to help enjoy a short session on course and an optional coffee afterwards.

Equipment will be supplied if requested at no charge.

To register interest email info@medwaygolf.com.au or contact the office/ golfshop. Anyone who recently has conducted beginner golf sessions is welcome or any friend of relative of a Medway Member.

In addition the following membership trial is still available involving private coaching etc for 6 months.


Women’s Opening Day Lunch and Golf 2019 

Tuesday 29th January- booking via womens lounge



Medway Golf Club has recently agreed to partner with Golf Australia to Pilot a Gender Equality program. Information below. 

Golf Australia’s ‘Victorian Gender Equality in Golf Clubs’ Pilot Program

AIM: To create gender equality in Victorian golf clubs


  • Build and deliver a pilot program comprised of a four-part workshop series that enhances the capacity of golf clubs and their leaders to bring about greater gender equality for their membership.
  • Support golf clubs to develop and implement an action plan to address gender inequality in their clubs.
  • Evaluate and report learnings from the pilot program both internally and to external stakeholders.
  • Use learnings to build a nationwide gender equality club development program for Australian golf clubs.


  • Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Office For Women in Sport & Recreation
  • A key ‘violence against women’ NGO
  • Local government agencies
  • Regional sports assemblies


Golf Australia, in conjunction with the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, will pilot a workshop series designed to support community golf clubs address gender inequality.

The program forms part of Golf Australia’s delivery of the ‘Vision 2025: the future of women and girls in golf’ strategy.


Medway Golf Club is committed to growing women’s golf and providing a pathway for new women golfers.

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