Maribyrnong Bike Track

Discussions are still ongoing with Council regarding their request to build a bike track along the River on Medway Golf Club property.

Sketch drawings are at a planning stage, but as yet the club has not entered into an agreement with council.

Proposed drawings

Land Sale (July 2017  Update)

At the 2016 EGM, the member’s voted overwhelmingly in favour for the Board of Director’s to pursue the land sale of the area marked above the 8th tee toward the river.

Over the past months, many meetings have occurred with prospective developers and our real estate consultants regarding some potential outcomes that were potentially favourable for the club.

Although developers have shown strong interest over the past months, of late,  a prospective purchaser has met with Maribyrnong Council and council have indicated a less than positive  response initially to a medium density development on the site and have therefore removed themselves as a prospective purchaser.

Before moving towards another potential pre-market sale or go to market, to remove some uncertainty in the outcome the Board will submit further to council on the club’s goals with this site, in order to gauge potential outcomes for prospective purchasers and therefore maximise our potential returns and likelihood of a successful development.

Whilst this occurs Maribyrnong Council have indicated a desire to make further communication with the Medway Golf Club  in order to support the club to achieve its financial goals in other ways  and discuss potential for the land in question whilst remaining a “green site” rather than a potential re-zoning.

The Board will continue to work with our partners and experts on this topic, in order to enable the best outcome for the club and its members and look forward to the discussions with Maribyrnong council.

As more details arise we will continue to inform all the member’s.

If you have questions please contact the club manager.

Land Sale (March 2017)

Most legal documents are now final including the Option document in which the potential owner will have to sign with the club. The club are in discussions with Knight Frank regarding the next course of action. Some meetings have been had with interested parties. 

The Club has been advised that a pre-market offer may be pending. Members were given an update at the recent AGM on the benefits of a pre-market sale, however no decision has been made.

Note- On the club’s advice if a sale price is agreed, the time frame is approximately 2 years before the potential new owner is able to achieve necessary permits/ etc in order for the “potential” sale to be finalized and the club receiving any payment.

If members have any queries on the land sale process, please contact the Board of Medway Golf Club through the club manager via email, phone or via the office.

As further information is received the members portal will be updated.

October 2016

At this stage the Expression of Interest and relevant documents are not complete due to council being in caretaker mode. As soon as information is available an update will be posted in this section.

Message from the Board

“The Board of Directors would like to thank Members for their Attendance, Questions & comments from the EGM. Members will be kept up to date as much as possible on the Process & Progress of Sale. Where possible, members will be informed before any major decisions are made or if there any variations to the Expression of Interest process”

EGM minutes- click here

Board Overview- Land  Sale EGM Presentation

Wednesday 20th July

Board update for members regarding Land Sale process and outcomes

Prospective land area (blue shaded area) 

Map image