Annual Rainfall

For those interested here are our annual rainfall amounts in mm’s;

2019 – 381
2018 – 505
17 – 536
16 – 648
15 – 425
14 – 305
13 – 495
12 – 464
11 – 679
10 – 667

18th hole/ 5th mounding/ treeline 

Work  commenced as of October with 5 trees being removed between the 18th and 5th fairway. Final mounding has been constructed with seeding and stone eradication concluded. Irrigation trenches have been dug and irrigation extended to increase watering capacity of the area. .

From the 5th the contours should enable the ball to stay higher on the fairway reducing balls heading into the treeline, with the intention that grasses should take over the summer.Recent dry weathe rhas been difficult, but green shoots are appearing and we progress with watering to find some coverage.





10th  Greenside Back left Bunker

This bunker has been removed and made into a small mound. The original intention was to trial a new seed of rough, however growth did not present to our satisfaction so sodding has taken place.  

Greens Renovations

At this stage there will not be a full corring in March 2020 due to new practices of turf management. September 2020 will return to a full corring.

Teeing Off

We are still getting members walk straight onto tees during the day. Please report to Golfshop at all times (even non comp days) prior to hit off. With extra payers on course we need to be aware of who is out there in case of emergency / other group bookings and generally in order to determine that no-one hits off without paying the appropriate fees.  It’s nice to say hello also and not too far out of the way.

Bunker Rakes

Please leave bunker rakes on the flat of the bunker facing the direction of the hole after use.




Ropes, Hoops and Traffic areas

Please take a common sense approach as to where to walk and push buggies. Due to the recent change of the local rules on the card as of January 1, we are minimizing the amount of ropes and hoops around the course to increase fairness for competition players. If there is a heavy area please walk around and keep motorized vehicles on paths and on the high/ dry side or fairways and greens at all times.