Superintendent’s Report – March 2020

2nd April 2020

The Course without Golfers Superintendents Lament

Whenever a “sward” of superintendents converges, inevitably one of the “tuft” will make the statement that course maintenance would be a breeze without golfers. I never thought it would happen, and now that it has, I can report it is no fun at all. There are no fields to present for, no timelines to meet, no banter among the members whilst we perform our duties. We feel like hermits at the moment.

Whilst we wait for your return, we are operating with a skeleton staff, with everyone electing to take some accrued leave, so at present we have some staff on course monday, wednesday and friday. This allows us to attend to basic routines of mowing, greens programs, bunker maintenance, clubhouse environs and generally keeping the place neat and tidy.

We are fortunate that our santa ana is almost to the stage of slowing growth, where our blower will take over from the mower, the irrigation season is all but over, and the stress of summer has left us.

Our aim is to keep up our course to the normal standard, and to be able to golf from day one on a well presented course.

Our agronomist’s annual visit is due; he will inspect all greens, review our programs, assess the condition of our santa ana prior to the winter and make recommendations that will help in course conditioning. As is normal, samples from 3rd & 17th greens will be taken to compare nutrient levels to last year.

Staff morale is good, understanding of the situation and thankful of club support, all the while waiting for the day it is back to business as usual.


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