21st April 2020

Unfinancial members

As of June 1 any member who has not paid their subscriptions and or haven’t contacted the office, will be resigned as per the articles. Those member’s if they choose to renew may be charged a re-instatement fee of $150 plus a course maintenance fee for the months of April and May. Playing rights will obviously end.


All those members who have paid in full or enterered payment arrangements prior to April 30 will receive their rebate on house account sometime in Winter. We will continue to finalise all renewals 1st, then once we are confident no further course closures are likely the rebates will be applied to house accounts.

April 15 2020 – correspondence- late fee payments

Unallocated fees

If anyone paid the following amounts via credit card online please contact the office so we can allocate your payment to your membership account

03/April $276.30

23 April $830

Paying by installments

  1. Fill out the payment arrangement form attached below, and email to We will update your account. If your not sure what they are they will show on the my accounts page. You can pay your 1st installment by credit card (if you put your details on the form) or direct debit .
  2. If you choose direct debit you organise the transfer to our account, we don’t take it out of yours.
  3. Choose 4 or 9 payments. Form below

Paying subscription and membership fees via credit card

Note- if you are not paying in full please organise a payment arrangement form 1st and email to info then we can arrange for the 1st amount to be correct when you log back in to pay by credit card.

You will be sent a reminder each month for your next payment.

Paying by bank transfer

On your subscription invoice the clubs bank details are on the invoice. Or they are-

Medway Golf Club

BSB- 063- 132 11033328

Please make sure your member name and member number if possible is on the details. A further email to may be a good option so we can cross reference and get back to you that we have received the payment.

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