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5th June 2020


From Monday June 15, the chipper green will be closed for some weeks. The green will be lifted, re-leveled and replaced.

The slope will be reduced in able to use it as a spare hole in the future.

Please use the old 1st green for practice. The bunker on the chipper can still be used with the green closed.

Tree Lobbing

Some tree removal will occur in June at the 14th tee area in order to extend use of the tee.

Other potentially dangerous trees will be removed.

Winter Conditions

Recent dry weather has seen the course return to good, dry conditions. Green conditiobns are very good.

Due to high rounds, we ask all members to repair pitch marks (plus 1 or 2 more) each green, carry and use a full sand bucket.

Keep the sand bucket in the car, are re-use each visit.

Wet weather

With very heavy rainfall up to May 23 we advise all members who ride carts or have motorized single seat ride on bikes to check the timesheet each day to determine if access to the course is possible.

A conservative approach will be taken to protect the course, especially early in the winter season. 

Turf and Greens Reports

Agronomist Visit April 2020

Our annual soil test of 3rd & 17th green has been done, and whilst the specifics are interesting, the purpose of them is to see what nutrient levels are trending up or down.

The results show that our fertility programs are delivering appropriate levels of nutrients except for phosphorous which we will adjust in our programs. Also pleasing to note is the drop in EC (salts) level which in no small part due to the amount of rainfall this year which flushes the salts through the profile. High salt levels are the enemy of quality turf surfaces, and at the peak of summer when irrigation water quality is poor, our greens surfaces suffer.

Our agronomist was also taken on a course inspection, when I posed a few ongoing issues with him for clarification

  • uneven putting surfaces on 3,4 & 7 and oversowing procedures
  • ongoing greens renovation practices, compaction & thatch management wise
  • broadleaf weed infestations on greens & surrounds

The responses to these questions will be brought to the golf committee for discussion & formulation of ongoing programs

All in all I am quite pleased with the agromist’s assessment of where we are at present, and it creates a hunger to improve even more.


Course Superintendent.

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