12th October 2020


The Treasurer has summerized our financial position as of Monday September 21.

Information regarding the member rebate will be released after opening day is certain.


The Board are in the process of reviewing and updating our Club Articles. We expect to have a copy available to members later in the year for voting at the 2021 AGM.

Member Rounds Reports

Golf Rounds played from Jan 1 to Sep 30.

By Member 22262 this year 25432 LAST YEAR

Total rounds 27007 this year 30664 LAST YEAR

Member Numbers

At present we are not taking new members until the course re-opens.

As of October 1

7 day 287- 6 day 83 – 5 day 153

7 day lite 121, Life 8, Young Adult 7, Gold 12, M4L 23



Cadets 20, Non Playing 22, Social Playing 70, Women’s Trial 24


Total 830

Approx 50  higher than 2019 same time.



Paying subscription and membership fees via credit card

Paying by bank transfer

On your subscription invoice the clubs bank details are on the invoice. Or they are-

Medway Golf Club

BSB- 063- 132 11033328

Please make sure your member name and member number if possible is on the details. A further email to may be a good option so we can cross reference and get back to you that we have received the payment.

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