1st January 2021

Notice of Meeting


Notice of Meeting

The sixty seventh Annual General Meeting of Medway Golf Club

is scheduled for Tuesday  March 9th , 2021 at 7.00pm.

Nominations are now being taken for:


Nominations for the following Board positions will close

 on Saturday 6th February 2021:

CAPTAIN  (3 Year Term)

           TWO  DIRECTORS         (3 Year Term)                     

Nomination forms are available from the administration office.

Please note that any other business must be received in writing by the   Secretary no later than 42 days prior to the meeting (Wednesday 27th January 2021) as per the clubs Article 43 (c) 

 Brett Scothern


Regulations From January 18 2021

  • Face masks are not needed inside the clubhouse or golfshop.
  • All players must still be on the timesheet and booked prior to hitting off on every occasion
  • Cart hire allowed. (2 people may share a cart)- but both should be wearing a mask unless living together). Push buggies and hire clubs all in use.
  • Local rules are on the Mi-Score APP and on the noticeboard.
  • Social distancing applies in all areas with members and guests to observe all signage on all occasions
  • Bar and member lounge – Max 80 , Function Room Max 120, Small meeting room Max 24.
  • Deck – social distancing – Strictly No Smoking
  • Bar service is allowed without the need to be seated
  • Drink Taps are now in use however we encourage them to be used to fill drink bottles only.
  • Nearest the Pins and the non touching of flagsticks must remain as per current guidelines as “thorough cleaning must take place for all shared equipment in between use” as directed by the State Government Health Department.

House Account – Expiring Trophy Account Merge

On Tuesday January 5th the Expiring Trophy Sub Account has been removed and merged with your house account.

If you had a balance on your expiring trophy account on the 4th of Jan- it should show as a line item in your house account and a trophy prize added.

If you believe there is an error or query with you accounts please call or email Brett in the office to work through. remember a negative balance is good for the member- that means your have that amount to spend.

Email or if you have a query. Golfshop staff will not be able to do this administration check.

Other Questions

What to do if I think my balance is incorrect or I don’t understand it?

Go to my account, click on the house or trophy account and check all your top ups and items purchased. If you still have a query come to the office or phone, email Brett on with as much info as possible and I can investigate. The gofshop and bar staff cannot view all details to assist.

Using the House account?

Since we started charging the house account for comp fees, many members are using it to pay for all purchases in the club. This will obviously reduce your balance fast. Please top up regularly and ensure your have enough at the tills before walking off. Transactions cannot be completed unless you have enough on your balance and “ill pay later” is not allowed or possible with staff changes during the day.

The Comp fee charge is making my house account in positive?

Although not possible at the tills purchasing drinks, food or golf items the comp fee charge can take your house account into an “owing” amount. The office will run reports twice a week and inform all members if their balance gets above $20 to top up or at least leave notes for golfshop to remind members prior to next hit off.

If a members falls $50 owing on their house account, a further reminder will be sent and the amount must be cleared immediately to be able to play further competition rounds.

Entering the comps or not entering?

We ask all members to still come into the Golfshop to either verbally say you are in the comp or not in the comp so Golfstaff can correctly enter you in the daily comp. We also need to know if you are not in the comp so we don’t incorrectly charge you a comp fee by mistake.

We thank all members for their understanding so far in this trial. We will keep making subtle improvements where we can to make your experience as simple as possible.

Timesheets/ Tee times

Once timesheets return to opening 10 days prior at 7.30am, 7 Day Lite and Flexi members will have access 7 days prior, Social playing members and Medway Mates will have access 4 days prior. (subject to discretion of golf committee)

Typically for normal timesheets;

  • 7 day Lite have no access to timesheets Saturday’s between 7am-9am and Thursday’s 11am-1pm. (note- 7 Day Lite are capped to 12 rounds in a 12 month period on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday during competition times (and Tuesday for Women as per by-laws)
  • Flexi members “new Category” only have access to timesheets on Mondays, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday between 7am-9am, Saturday’s between 11am-1pm and Sunday’s. (Flexi Members are capped to 12 comp rounds in a 12 month period on the main comp days and have no access to the course as per their conditions in the by-laws)
  • Social members have access to timesheets 4 days prior , but are subject to manager discretion. A member guest fee is payable at all times. 12 rounds cap exists in a 12 month period
  • Women’s Trial Members have access as per playing rights in the by laws.

For information on membership contact the office.

Covid – 19

Please do not become complacent about COVID-19. A cluster at the Club will most likely require closure and it is therefore incumbent on every member to do what is required to keep yourself, your fellow members, and our staff safe.

We have a COVID-19 Action plan in place for staff in all areas of the club and cleaning procedures.

Facebook / Instagram

For members using social media, the Club does not use the comments section to answer member queries. If you have a question please email the office or golfstaff or check the website for details.

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