24th March 2021

Slow Play

A few incidents of late which is understandable given the volume of members playing on course but it is a good time to remind all members of our policies to make your experience more enjoyable.

1 – What to do to avoid slow play

Take a “ready golf” approach to playing. Google “ready golf if not sure”.

That is hit out of turn, do not talk when due to play, be ready to play in all cases and mainly keep up.

Call through groups if needed to avoid frustration, especially if the course is quiet or a group of 1, 2, 3 are behind a 4 and it is obvious they will be held up it is sometimes best just to call them through early in the round to avoid you rushing or them getting frustrated.

When the course is full on comp days we really require the whole field to more promptly as calling through can delay the entire field, so more important to play briskly and all keep up from group 1 at 7am.

Some assumptions and outcomes that may help you;

“they are visitors or not in a comp so have no rights”

“they are a 2 ball or single so have no rights over 4 players”

These assumptions were removed from club by-laws 10-20 years ago or should of been. We don’t adhere to them. The fastest group really should be called through no matter how many players or who they are.

“But I am not holding anyone up behind –

Many slow players use this one. Only be focussed on the group in front and your time.

“The Miscore App tells me we are on time”-

The App is a good guide. It has a pace of play guide so if it says each hole after scoring you are not in negative, its a good sign but the golf team will be the overall interpreter of your pace of play based on start time and size of field, wind, comp type etc.

All players are treated the same on course and are expected to be polite and use some golf knowledge that a group with less players should be quicker and therefore can be called through anytime if it create a better outcome for all

2- What to do if you are being held up

The golfshop try to keep an eye on timings of groups coming past golf shop but if there is a obvious problem on course call the golf shop to check the position and time of the group in front.

The golfshop staff or manager will investigate but only be involved if the group is out of time according to our slow play policy. If the group is in time and within distance of the group in front we will not ask the group to move along. We ask for some patience from the group behind. You may not see us drive around the course. We can see and time most groups from the golfshop thanks to our unique course design.

If the group is heading for a slow round or out of position we will ask for a quick hurry up and the problem is fixed.

Serious breaches – we may ask the group to end their round, call through or give a penalty according to the slow play policy. Repeat offenders will be reported to golf committee but these are extreme cases and should really never occur.

In no circumstances are members allowed or required to speak to the group in front about slow play. See our By- Laws and Policies below for more details

3- If you feel there is continuous slow play issues at the club; you may put your complaint in writing to the golf committee via the club manager to determine if the slow play guidelines and timings are acceptable. Remember the club sets guidelines for the average age and ability of a member. Fast paced, young low marker may play quicker than an 80 year old veteran or a new women beginner golfer but we must understand golf is for all players and the pace of play is set accordingly. In the end enjoy the sun and time outside, and chat to your friends on the to to kill a minute or 2 if needed

Our golf committee and staff are filled with experienced golfers who can assist members in shaving 5-10 minutes from a round of golf without the need to rush over any shot. Simply by being ready, walking in the right spot, scoring at the right time (when another player is hitting). If you are asked to speed up but don’t know how, please ask and we can help you.

In addition for any issues with course presentation/ pin placements etc also in writing to the manager is the correct procedure. The golf staff do not set pins/ rake bunkers etc so do not or are not required to listen to complaints. They have other jobs to do.

The following policies are taken from our By Laws and extends to all members not just staff.

30 Members shall not reprimand staff

No member shall reprimand any employee of the Club or make a complaint direct to any employee.  Any complaint must be communicated to the General Manager, and if felt necessary, a complaint may be made in writing and lodged with the General Manager, who may deal with it or refer it to the Board. The complaint shall be referred to the Board if so requested by the member lodging the complaint.

31 Lodgement of complaints

Complaints regarding the conduct of a member or guest, and any other matters may be made in writing and shall be lodged with the General Manager.  The General Manager may deal with the complaint if they see fit, or refer it to the Board. The complaint shall be referred to the Board if requested by the member lodging the complaint.

Pace of Play Policy

This exists in our members handbook. All are on our policies page of the website (top right) including Child Policy/ Member Behaviour Etc etc.

See below for an extract.

Its a great club with excellent policies and great people. Lets follow the rules to keep it that way. Overall our pace of play is good compared to many other golf clubs and if we take a view that we care about each others enjoyment we will all benefit.

Thank you

Fight MND Fundraiser- Gary Blake

Club Member Gary Blake is fundraising for a great cause. Link below for donations online, otherwise you can see Gary to contribute to his private raffle.

On May 27 at approx 5pm, Gary will be cutting his locks in the clubrooms. The Club will support the event by providing finger food at this time for all members in the clubhouse at the time.

‘Chopin’ the locks to support FightMND in Fundraise for FightMND

Medway Youtube Marketing Video -2021

Golfer Saftey

In light of a recent death due to a member of Portarlington Golf Course being struck on the head, we ask all member’s to play the game with a duty of care to others. If players in within range or in an area of potential danger, do not hit.

If a ball is heading towards other player(s) you must yell “fore”.

If you are injured on course always report the incident and seek medical help.


Covid – 19

Please do not become complacent about COVID-19. A cluster at the Club will most likely require closure and it is therefore incumbent on every member to do what is required to keep yourself, your fellow members, and our staff safe.

We have a COVID-19 Action plan in place for staff in all areas of the club and cleaning procedures.

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For members using social media, the Club does not use the comments section to answer member queries. If you have a question please email the office or golfstaff or check the website for details.

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