13th September 2021

Melbourne Water- Sewer project

Melbourne Water aim to complete some sewer works from the 14th hole bridge along the river to the 8th tee and beyond. Initial works have progressed and a tender process is complete.

We are in the process of negotiating access with Melbourne Water during the project and determining the level of impact on the course and club business.

At this stage the project will commence onsite in March 2022 and go for 18 months.

We expect the 8th tee to be out of action for some time- replaced by the chipper (spare hole) and a possible additional green on the practice fairway.

We hope members may be able to practice at the 8th green during the hole being closed for 18 months.

The bike track will be constructed at the end of the sewer project by Melbourne Water as well as an improved riverbank not on Medway property.

At the completion of the project we expect the 8th hole to be improved.

The Club is considering some course design experts to assist in planning the new 8th tee and possible improvements to the hole during the time is is out of play.


18th tee- rebuild and new pathways to fairway – Spring 2021

Tee will be lowered, tree roots removed and tee re-layed.

Steps and retaining wall will be removed.

Cart path with turning circle rebuilt with exposed aggregate concrete

This project was made possible by the members who in 2020 decided not to take up the rebate offered and preferred the club invest that income back into the course.

Thank you

15th tee concrete pathway – spring 2021

12th fairway bunker removal- Spring 2021

As per the Pacific Coast Course Plan below for the 12th the fairway bunker is to be removed following the course plan.

In future years the new bunker will be rebuilt further from the tee on the right side reflecting modern distances the ball travels and to penalise the longer hitter rather than the shorter hitter. The bunker would probably be in a style like the 1st hole. fairway bunker.

Other bunker projects including the 5th/ 18th holes are priorities at this stage before the new bunker is constructed on the 12th fairway. Given the hole has water down the left and the trees narrow the tee shot on the right anyway, it is not urgent at this stage to rebuild in the new position.

The current bunker has poor drainage and an “old” style design not reflecting the new bunkering on the course. It is a little to central to the fairway ideally and the lip probably too severe considering the distance from green,

5th/ 18th Greenside Bunkers and surrounds – design phase

The Board have engaged TP Golf Course Design (Ross Perret) to provide a concept and detailed design of the area. Once received and displayed to members the Club will engage tenderers to estimate costings.\

At this stage the area is a priority and with acceptable business conditions the club hopes to at least do part of the improvements in the Summer of 2021-22.

Course Master plan

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below that is used as a guide for future works.

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