22nd November 2021

Bar and Clubhouse Improvements

Many thanks to Board members, Staff, Mal Wulf, Hayden George, Peter Rowan, Andy Ellis, Gordie Kelly, Stuss Stusser, and consultants Ian Kent from Mariljohn and Hospitality expert Terry Stephens for assistance in delivering this project.

Other volunteers who helped Lance Nutter, Warren Gangell, Colin Shaw plus others including Board members.

Also thanks to our colour consultant for the document below to guide the outcome.

The profits from the 2021 Reverse Draw are used for this part of the project as well as some work potential furniture and fire place improvements around the member lounge.


The installation of solar panels is complete and the clubhouse now runs off solar power. The project is fully financed with the returns and full benefits projected to begin from year 6 onwards.


Those who are experiencing financial difficulty during the membership year, can contact the manager to discuss options.

The club has received only limited government support through the Licensed Club Grant as opposed to 2020.

At this stage the Board are focused on investing in the facilities for members to benefit as well as some thank you initiatives under general news..

Land Sale

The land sale development above the 8th tee continues to progress. The Melbourne Water Project and COVID has created some delays to the development but all other matters move ahead.

Planning has commenced by the developer for a land sale building etc to be erected on the site in 2022. The relationship with the club continues as planned.

Current Member Numbers

Membership levels are close to full. More information on the membership page. If /when 7 day memberships are closed is coming weeks/months we will use the 6 day category as a holding category to ensure all current members have reasonable access to tee times.

Sunday social groups in 2022 have been tentatively booked and with numbers expected to rise these bookings will be kept to a minimum. We hope members will use remaining tee times to bring guests and enjoy the facility.

Member Types2021 (October 31)2019 (Dec)
7 day (inc Corporate)298 (inc 34 corp)314 (34)
6 day9271
5 day153165
7 day lite10793
Young Adult 21-24 (student)86
Intermediate 18-209n/a
Junior Under 174245
Social Playing6566
Social Non Playing1321
Women’s Trial1911
Cadet (8-11 junior)1813
PGA Pro94
Medway Mates25611877

Golf Rounds by year/ type

Total rounds1/1/19-30/10/191/1/21-30/10/21
Visitor Social62017159
Totals34,602 approx38719 approx
Notesfull year11 weeks lockdown

Note- October rounds 2021- Members 5,323 visitor 784- 6000 approx- normal average 3500.


Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms

The Club expect to improve both areas after the bar project is completed depending on operations and reasonable business outcomes in the next 12 months.

Course improvements are listed under Course news.


Member Equipment Insurance

All members of Medway are covered for lost/ stolen or damaged personal golf equipment to the value up to $5,000 taken out by the club and paid by the club on behalf of members.

This cover relates to member Golf Clubs and Golf Buggies but not private Golf carts or ride-ons.

As of July 2021- The excess on member insurance claims is $1000.

Members should take a current photo of their golf equipment to assist with successful and speedy claims and receipts if possible.

For claims of this type please contact the club manager for forms and assistance, and we strongly encourage the quote and business to go through the Medway Golf Shop.

The Club encourages members to take out their own equipment insurance with their home and contents provider if they wish to insure for damage/ theft especially for lower replacement items like drivers, putters or electric buggies.

We also encourage members with clubs and buggies in the old golfshop (buggy club storage) to also consider taking out personal insurance for their golf equipment in case of a major theft or fire. There is a total limit on claims under this insurance which may not cover all equipment in storage.

The Club expects all members who store private carts onsite or use private carts to take out their own insurance for ride on and golf cart equipment. A copy of insurance must be provided to the office each membership year.

Member Liability (Golf Australia) Coverage

The Golf Australia Members liability covers all members of all clubs in Australia for liability. The coverage is taken out by Golf Australia with insurer Sportscover, and charged to all golf clubs. Each club then forwards the fee to members. In Medway’s case it is part of the $95 annual GA fee which covers Handicapping/ Golflink fees/ general golf services provided by GA and a member liability insurance anywhere in Australia.

Detailed information is on the Golf Australia Website

In summary;

This insurance covers members only whilst on the golf course from a liability point of view even those riding in private or club golf carts.

This also extends to damage to cars etc. Although cars are parked at owners risk in our club, if damage to a members car is caused by another member and both members can be identified, the car damage can be claimed through the Golf Australia Sportscover insurance.

The club also encourage members seek out information from their own car insurance.

Forms are available from the office.

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