1st August 2022

Bunker Improvement Program

The 5th, 18th and 9th bunkers will  be improved in the next 6 months,

Concept Design above subject to Board approvals courtesy of Ross Perrett and Warren Duncan from TP Golf Design.

The Board hope to start the project in Mid December 2022 and complete by late January 2023.


1st Hole Netting

Council are in the process of issuing the permit in the next 4 weeks (till August 20). Our installers are ready for installation as soon as the permit is issued then the 1st green will open immediately after.

Fibre Optic Cable

As part of the major project in the week beginning August 8 a narrow trench will be dug on Melbourne Water land (pipeline) from the Ashley St end to the 14th hole fence across the entire course. There will be some disturbence to play and remedy works will take a few weeks. Works will take approx 5 days midweek.  

Golf Audit

Attached is the annual audit from the AGCSA. This is an important document for the club to review and continue to strive for best practices in turf management.

Rainfall/ Wet Areas

For those interested in data the link below shows monthly rainfall for the area. This year has been particularly challenging with the timing of rainfall and low winds compared to previous years.  The Club continues to strive for best maintenance practices to manage the areas of the course needing help, as well as prioritizing longer term, higher cost solutions if the problems occurs more frequently in the future.  

Our recent and current program of soil amelioration, verti-draining and creation of diversion drainage has helped minimize the issues this winter, however more investigation is being conducted on raising & contouring, sandslitting, de-thatching, tree removal, and acceleration of soil amelioration programs to determine what is required and prioritized in the future. Areas of concern to be analysed include the 10th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 7th and driving range. More information to follow once expert advice is received.


8th Hole

Concept design attached subject to approvals for re-instatement at the end of the project with Melbourne Water via TP golf. Estimate timing- late 2023

Volunteers Report

Work completed on two work days in July is as follows…

Completed the trimming of shrubs in the car park garden beds.

Mulched all garden beds in the area of the 13th tee.

Removed weeds from the course side of the OOB line behind the 13th green

Commenced the trimming of the shrubs that separate the 15th green area from the 16th ladies tee.

Cut back the pine tree in front of the ladies 16th tee to enhance viewing of tee shots.

Completed the trimming of the shrubs at the 16th ladies tee.

Raked fallen tree debris from under the cypris trees along the 1st fairway and cleaned the area where cypris trees were recently removed.

Planted a new shrub between the 11th green and 12th tee.

Mulched under the trees on the approach to the 7th green.

Peter Evans

Winter/ Spring Course Projects

5th fairway- like the 18th hole a few years ago the 5th fairway will extended toward the tee.

Starter tee plaques- some plaques will be placed at the start of most fairways for a starter course tee for all new golfers, juniors as part of our new golfer program

Monday September 5 – corring 13ml hollow tyne.

Melbourne Water- Sewer project

Melbourne Water aim to complete some sewer works from the 14th hole bridge along the river to the 8th tee and beyond. Initial works have progressed offsite and a tender process is complete.

We expect the 8th tee and hole to be out of action for 18 months from August 2022. A permanent fence will be erected along our boundary from the 16th tee to the 8th green approx.

Melbourne Water have funded the new practice fairway green and tee which is complete. They have also funded the new chipper tee which will shortly be complete and ready for play.

The bike track will be constructed at the end of the sewer project by Melbourne Water as well as an improved riverbank, on Maribyrnong Council land along the river.

Once finalised we will post concept drawing here of the bike track.

Course Master plan

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below that is used as a guide for future works.

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