26th November 2023

Lightning / Storms

Just a reminder to all members and players that in the event of dangerous weather you do not have to wait for the siren. You can seek shelter in the clubhouse immediately if the conditions are unsafe under the Rules of Golf (and common sense).

Events/ Syllabus

For 2024 Major Event dates you can go to timesheets/ select Monthly view and scroll to 2024.

Key dates are listed on top of timesheet – month to month.

For details regarding a history or all events and on course regulations go to the Policies page- select Member Handbook. Older members will recall the front section of the club syllabus. This is very similar.

Member Directory- if you need to contact other members use the member directory for phone numbers or emails.

There are  a number of other policies listed on the policies page which we ask all members to read.

Club Championships 2023

Final Scores now available on the Miscore APP, or Mobile phone view of website under leaderboards. Go back to the 11th of November for full Championship scores.    Scroll down for all event winners.         

Course Behavior

The golf committee are taking a very strict stance of course behavior at present. Anyone seen to be ignoring basic rules of replacing divots, pitch marks, pace of play, bunker raking and replacing rakes back in the correct spot will get a quick warning. A 2nd offence will be a short break from playing a the club. Senior staff have authority to monitor as well a golf committee member if they see anything, they have permission to politely ask the member to improve their etiquette.

We ask members’ to politely police their playing partners. If an issue arises please advise senior staff or the Club Captain.

We ask the low marker (over 18 years)  in the group to ensure pace of play and all rules are followed by the whole group. After Hole 5- 1 hour 5 minutes, 9 hole 2 hours, 18 hole – 4 hours.

Groups of 3/4 should call through singles and pairs at 1st opportunity.

Miscore APP

If an app user is getting asked to subscribed when they have already, please ask them to sign out and re-sign in with the correct user profile that the subscription matches with. They can call MiScore support on 08 9444 5300 for assistance if required.

Or email for help. 

Stroke 3 shot cap

The 3 shot stroke cap will be used for all stroke events other than championships.

Women’s Red / Gold Course

As of January 1 2024, the women’s Red course will change to a Gold course. The cards will be printed Gold, the course set up with be Gold and the tee markers changed. This is in line with GA recommended changes for golf clubs. We will remove the terminology of Women’s and Men’s tees/ courses, but have 3 courses for each, Blue, White, Gold set up for all players and the golf committee have the ability to play multi tee formats or single tee as they please. 

Starter/ Junior / Beginner Tee

A small plaque has been placed at the start of most fairways as a starter/ beginner course. Scorecards are available and the club sees this as an ideal option for members to bring partners/ friends to the club to experience a friendlier/ shorter option for those new to golf. Summer twilight is an ideal time to bring new golfers into the game and the tee can be used for women’s 5 for 5 players and Women’s trial members. The tee is for social/ non competition play.

Guest Days 2023

See top of timesheets for guest days.

Typically they fall on;

  • Grand final day Saturday-after 11am- comp play
  • Easter Sunday
  • Mothers Day
  • New Years Day
  • Open events- all open events- inc Medway Women’s Classic,

Some Saturdays and Sundays are open for 5 and 6 day members. Check top of timesheets for details.

Member Notice

If you use your house account at the club and/ or play competitions please check your house account balance online and top up $50 or more at all times to ensure speed of service at the club.

Your balance will show -$50 if you have $50 to spend.

Cash top ups and eftpos can be done at the POS at the club but prefer online top ups.

Charging Comp Fees to House account

2023 Men & Women Event Winners

Men Weekend Medal – January – Seth Galt, February – Gary Kirk, March John Griffiths, April- Doug Brown, May – Peter Cole, June – James Collingridge .July- Mark Oraniuk, August – Glenn Disney, September – Thomas Ngo, October – Peter Macnoe C/B, November – John Beyer

Men Midweek Medal January – Mark Egan , February – Ian Kennedy, March Allan Cullinger , April Paul Bozinov, May – Geoff Cooper June- Daniel Cooper, July – Brian Sweeney, August – Paul Williamson, September – David Thirlwall, October- George Kokot, November- Paul Huynh

Women’s Weekend Medal – January – Georgia Schwartz, February Stacie Gull, March – Bonnie Sandri , April- Steph Theodore, May – Hanh Tran, June – Cecelia Chan, July – Matilda Morgan, August – Lucy Schwartz, September – Hanh Tran C/B, October – Lorraine James, November – Georgia Schwartz

Women’s Tuesday medal- January- Kath Clark , February – Rosie Bolton, March – Pat Hallinan, April Julie Corby, May – Liz Watt , June – Karen Alberts, July – Leonie Johnson, August – Theda Barlow, September – Jenny Kelly, October- Kazumi Yamakoshi, November –

NJ Grant Memorial- Mike Vella

Bill James Family Cup – Matt Davidson & Joshua Walsh

Father & Son- Matthew Davidson & Joshua Walsh

Mixed Foursomes Championship – Alan Bent & Geraldine Livingstone

Corporate Cup- Boxshall

Corporate Challenge – Jakmax

R O Miles Memorial- Scott Sunderland

Brien & Johnson Memorial- Mitch Jamieson

Stan Booth Men Midweek Championship – Robert Summerhill

Men Matchplay Championship – Brendan Jamieson

Squire Massey (Medley) – Doug Brown

Harry Jones Cup (Medley)- Mitch Jamieson

Noonan Medal – Matilda Morgan

Team Cup – Foreign Legion

Bill Grieve memorial Cup day- Nathan Roylance

Neil Westaway – Brian Sanders

Bill Hutchison- Ron Uren

Hutchison Mixed- John & Carol McMillan

Gil Williams Senior Gross- John Damolis

Gil Williams Senior Net- Stephen Buckley

Women Open Champion – Georgia Schwartz

Women’s A Grade Champion – Hanh Tran

Women’s B Grade Champion -Leonie Smith

Women’s C Grade Champion – Vanessa Kerr

Junior Girls Gross- Georgia Schwartz

Women’s Gwen Allen Plate – Cecilia Chan C/B

Women’s Open Nett – Cecilia Chan

Women’s A Grade Nett -Eileen Mackenzie

Women’s B Grade Nett – Cecilia Chan

Junior Girls Nett – Matilda Morgan

Men Open Champion – Enshan Hooi

Men B Grade Champion – Matt Davidson

Men C Grade Champion – Paddy Brady

Men D Grade Champion – Jacob Vizzini

Junior Boys Champion Gross – Charlie Roylance

Junior Boys Nett – Kai Brooks

Men’s Open Plate – Julian Bartucca C/B

Men’s B Grade Plate – Stephen Buckley C/B

Men’s C Grade Plate – John Sicari

Men’s D Grade Plate – Peter Nguyen

Men medal of Medalist-Weekend

Men Medal of Medalist- Thursday

Treasurer hamper

Captain hamper

President hamper

Womens Hampers


Jill Gillingham, Brett Scothern, Jenny Kelly, Gabby Keating


John Dixon, Jack MacKenzie, Chris Jamieson, David Shaw, Sam Schepis 

Hole in Ones 2022

2021 – Mark Robinson  10th hole 7th November 2021 

Linley Bielby 2nd January 10th hole 2022 
Michael Finnigan 2nd January 10th hole 
Rick Gribben  13th January 8th hole 
Nick Tuddenham 26th March 8th hole
Paul Dalmau 30th March 17th hole
Tony Shearer 7th April 9th hole (and albatross)
Chris Morton 15th April 8th Hole 
Graham Whittaker (Mt Derrimut GC) 28th April 8th hole  
David Malmgren 26th May 10th hole 
Dan Kordanovski 8th September 10th hole 
Ethan Chung 12th November 17th hole 
Nick Mifsud 17th December chipper- temp 8th 
2023 Hole in Ones   
Chris Jamieson  19th January- chipper- temp 8th 
Dylan Chung  4th February – temp 8th chipper 
Craig Purcell 29th April – 8th hole -chipper 
George Carasividis  11th May – 13th hole 
Brian Sweeney  20th May – 17th hole 
Sam Schepis 9th July – 17th Hole
Mal Wulf  13th August – 17th hole 
Charli Edwards  9th September – Chipper 
Daniel Rolfe 28th October

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