Local Rules & Heat Policy


Heat, Wind and Lightning Policy-click here


Temporary Local Rules  see notice board in front of golf shop

Local rules are on the back of the scorecard

Garden Beds- Mulch A quick refresher on Mulch/Garden Bed Local rules (on the back of the scorecard ) and our temporary local rules (located on the proshop noticeboard near the 10th tee). Our mulch areas are integral parts of the course. You must play the ball as it lies unless you can take the following option.

Local rule – you must take relief from trees or shrubs under 2 club length in height. Rule 24-2b. Remember that taking relief from a staked tree or shrub under 2 clublengths is not relief from the mulch, only from the tree. If not sure ask a golf committee member or staff. No need to guess.

The Golf Committee/ Course staff over time are improving the mulch “garden bed” areas and making them uniform in looks, so that

1. They are easier to play off (such as the Aus Open picture),

2. The cosmetic look of the course is more appealing.

Note- grasses are not trees or shrubs.


Paths For clarity under our rules and the rules of golf you may take relief from Granetic (below) and concrete paths only . All other paths are general wear and tear and relief is not allowed under the rule 25-1. For example below, if you ball is on the path you may take relief at the nearest point. If that point is on the mulch you must drop and play from the mulch (as no garden bed sign exists). You may opt to play off the path. pathfreedrop