Medway Mates

Mates Weekly Comp

  • Begins July 1 2019.
  • No extra fee.
  • We will provide an unofficial handicap for you.
  • Weekly prizes.




  • There will be weekly prizes depending on the number of entrants.
  • The highest Stableford score will determine the weekly prize winner.
  • Scorecards need to be signed and dated by a playing partner.
  • The comp fee is included in the Mates $45 18 hole green fee.


  • Each golfer will be given a handicap of 18 for 18 holes.
  • As the round will be played as a Stableford competition, each golfer’s handicap will be adjusted as per this system. For this tournament, each stroke the golfer has better than his/her handicap, a decrease of one will be adjusted for the following week’s competition. For example, if a golfer scores 40 stableford points for their 18 hole competition, (4 shots better than handicap par), then the golfers handicap will decrease by 4 for the following week. In turn, for each time a golfer has a score worse than their handicap, an increase of 2 shots for 18 hole handicap will be granted for the following week regardless of how little points they may have or have not scored.
  • Scorecards will be signed, dated and returned to the Proshop for adjudication.


  • Golfers will be able to compete in the weekly event from 12pm hit off Sunday to end at close of Proshop on Friday afternoon.
  • Sign up as a Medway mate online for free to be eligible.
  • Book via website booking or by calling the golf shop.


  • To check results and handicaps go to the page of the website. The results will be updated in similar fashion as the summer series.


To Become a Mate

To access the course as a Medway Mate register on the home page of the website. We will get back to you within 4 days. If your looking to play before then, call the golfshop to book.

For course access details see the visitor dropdown under golf.


Medway is a Private Club but does allow non member access. The access the course and receive the best daily fee become a mate. Normal visitors are $60 for 18 holes. Mates are $45.


Stableford Scoring System

The stableford method of scoring is a point system which originated in England in the 1930’s. It involves scoring points based on the golfers result on each hole, using the golf courses index system. For example, a golfer with a handicap of 18 will be allocated one shot to the par of each hole. Thus making a par 4, effectively a par 5. 

The points method is then calculated by allocating two points for a par, three points for one under, four points for two under and so on. Golfers who have a score of one over their handicap par (e.g, a 6 on a hole which has a true par of 4), will receive 1 point. Golfers who have two over their handicap par will receive no points. 

A golfer with a handicap of 17 will receive one shot on every hole except the hole which is designated the easiest on the course according to the index found on the scorecard. At Medway, this is the 9th hole as it is marked 18. A golfer with a handicap of 19 will receive 1 shot on every hole except for the hardest hole on the course, where he will receive 2 shots. At Medway, this is the 6th hole. Here, a 19 handicapper will receive two points for having 5 shots on the hole. 

At the end of the round all points scored are added up and the player having the highest number of points is the winner. When marking the score card, the number of strokes taken must always be shown for holes where points are scored. Thus, the card records both strokes and points.