Course News

3rd March 2020

Volunteers Report


Raked the mulch back to tidy the paths from the 3rd and 4th tees.

Watered most the new shrubs / trees.

Cover bare spots on fairways left by weed eradication. (two separate days)

Re-freshed the mulch along the path from the 12th tee

Top dressed some fairway areas that have been marked GUR. (two separate days)

Washed the deck to remove the dirt from previous rain.

Trimmed trees / shrubs in the car park and 12th tee.

Re located some shrubs in the garden bed behind 4th green.


Removed the garden bed that separates the 1st and 6th tees and transplanted those shrubs into other areas.

Mulched a new garden bed along the path to the 8th green.

Completed an audit of the course seats, garbage bin holders and ball washes with the plan to re paint.

Put soil that included couch grass runners onto the previously garden bed beside the path going up to the 8th green.

Filled pot holes on the granitic sand paths..


Following further heavy rain the wash aways and holes in all the granitic sand paths were repaired.

Plants were put into the new garden bed between the 1st and 6th tees.

Plants along the 7th tee path were trimmed and the area was tidied.

Raked up twigs and bark from under the gum trees along the 1st fairway.

We had the water cart out topping up our young trees and shrubs.

Annual Rainfall

For those interested here are our annual rainfall amounts in mm’s;

2020- 256ml to March 11

2019 – 381
2018 – 505
17 – 536
16 – 648
15 – 425
14 – 305
13 – 495
12 – 464
11 – 679
10 – 667

18th Fairway

Re-springging and protection on the 18th to encourage more growth to reduce ball run off.

March 10 2020

18th hole/ 5th mounding/ treeline 

Work  commenced as of October with 5 trees being removed between the 18th and 5th fairway. Final mounding has been constructed with seeding and stone eradication concluded. Irrigation trenches have been dug and irrigation extended to increase watering capacity of the area..

From the 5th the contours should enable the ball to stay higher on the fairway reducing balls heading into the treeline, with the intention that grasses should take over the summer. Couch is now appearing with further seeding/ top dressing we aim to have some coverage by the end of Autumn.

2nd Hole

Removal of tree guards after 2 years of good growth.


Recent rainfall, sunlight and managing tee marker positions has seen the tees recover very well from high wear and tear. Some recent photos below of some tees.

The 6th tee garden bed below has been removed to widen the hitting area. 

Most other tees are being re-shaped by mowing to ensure the widest areas possible to reduce wear and tear.

Bunker Rakes

Please leave bunker rakes on the flat of the bunker facing the direction of the hole after use.




Ropes, Hoops and Traffic areas

Please take a common sense approach as to where to walk and push buggies. Due to the recent change of the local rules on the card as of January 1, we are minimizing the amount of ropes and hoops around the course to increase fairness for competition players. If there is a heavy area please walk around and keep motorized vehicles on paths and on the high/ dry side or fairways and greens at all times.


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