2024 Pennant Sponsors

More to come.


2024 Men’s Pennant

Shirt Sponsor- AUWBS 

Top Sponsor- Kinetic Constructions 

Manager- John Damolis

2024 Womens Sunday and Friday Pennant

Shirt Sponsor – Vic Fresh (TBC) 

Top Sponsor – 

Manager- Jenny Kelly 

2024 Youth Pennant

Shirt Sponsor – AUWBS

Top Sponsor- Kinetic Constructions 

Manager- Nathan Roylance

2024 Men North West Pennant

Shirt Sponsor – 

Top Sponsor

Results and Draws

Go to the Golf Australia/ Victoria pennant results and draws pages to keep up to date with our players and team results.



Men Squad- team

  1. B Ford
  2. E Hooi
  3. C Roylance
  4. S Schepis
  5. Jacob/ Thomas  Ngo
  6. C Nixon 
  7. J Bartucca
  8. N Mifsud

Youth Squad from 

T. NGO and Jacob , K Brooks, A Tan, H Redpath, J Saxton, Joe Mackenzie, T Fenn, E Chung


Women’s Friday 2024 Pennant Squad

Kath Clark

Jenny Cooper

Julie Corby

Ria Gebing

Jill Gillingham

Stacie Gull

Lorraine James

Carol McMillan

Hai Nguyen

Lynne Ryan

Maree Ryan


Women’s Sunday 2024 Pennant Squad

Matilda Morgan

Bonnie Morgan

Nicolette Papadatos

Bonnie Sandri

Georgia Schwartz

Hanh Tran

Coco Villaneuva

Amelie Wearne