General Membership


NOTE- All pricing includes GST and GA affiliation and insurance fees at $95 per member.   
 Annual Subscriptions:  Annual FeeMonthly # see belowOne off Entrance Fee NotesMajor championships
& Major events
 7 Day  $2438.00 $408 1st month then 8 X $260  $1000 reciprocal rights- yes
Voting / absentee rights- yes
6 Day (excludes Saturday)$2086.55$296.55 1st month then 8 X $230$1000 reciprocal rights – yes
Voting / absentee rights- yes 
5 Day (excludes Weekends)$1735.10$255.10 1st month then 8 X $180 $1000 reciprocal rights – yes
Voting absentee- yes
Flexi $1266.50contact us $1000
reciprocal rights yes
Voting / Absentee- no
 Young Adult (21-24 years)  $1266.50 contact us negotiable reciprocal rights yes, Voting absentee- yesyes
Social Playing$282.45 n/a n/a reciprocal rights – nono
Non Playing$181.30no GA fee applies n/a reciprocal rights – no no
Women’s Trial $299 (plus $95 if Golflink handicap) for 6 months contact clubreciprocal rights – no
voting/ absentee- no
Junior Member (18-20 yrs)$797.90 negotiable reciprocal rights – yes
voting / Absentee- yes
 Junior Member (under 17 yrs) $563.50  negotiablePlaying rights subject to manager and Professional- see Junior page yes
Cadet (8-11 year old)$120.00  no joining feeAnnual fee discount $60 for members family
– no reciprocal/ absentee rights

#- $50 admin fee for any payment arrangement

Membership year runs from April 1 to March 30. (those joining mid year are charged pro-rata depending on the type of category.

Womens Trial- Off Peak Access is typically Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday  and after 12pm Sunday.

Medway Flexi –

Membership Application Form

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For membership queries contact General Manager Brett Scothern  by phone or email – Membership Manager Sue Godsall also available via email: or call us  9317 9031. If you wish to see the facilities just drop in and friendly staff will give you a warm welcoming feel.

Membership Testimonial – Sandra Newham

Just over 10 years ago Paul and I moved to “the West”. After settling into our new home we decided to look for a Golf Club to join, several are in reasonable proximity to our home. We we chose Medway and we are so pleased we did.

At the time of joining Medway Golf Club I was a fairly new and inexperienced golfer, needing lots of help with my game, the rules and even understanding the way of the Club. I didn’t have to worry though as I was quickly taken under the wings of several very friendly ladies and made to feel right at home. A few lessons with our talented “Pro” got my game on the road, I hate to admit I still struggle with rules though.

I have always enjoyed our Course and I particularly love the beautiful surrounding, trees, gardens, rolling green hills and elegant Clubhouse. Over the 10 years I have seen many changes, our Management is very forward thinking, always looking to improve our Course and therefore our golfing experience. The condition of the 18 holes at present is absolutely wonderful and the improvements to the Clubhouse have really made our Social events outstanding.

The ladies are still a friendly, thoughtful bunch, we look after each other and ensure new members feel welcome in our gorgeous golfing oasis. Everyone you meet from Office, Bar, Pro Shop, Catering and Green Keepers are happy to be of assistance, nothing seems to be too much trouble. I am looking forward to my next ten years!!

Sandra Newham – Medway Member    

Social Playing 

For existing Medway members only, the Social Playing category includes  Golflink handicap and insurance. Social playing is ideal for those who are only able to play less than 12 rounds per year due to work or financial reasons, but would like to remain a member and have a handicap. Social Playing members pay the member guest fee on each occasion they play. They can book online off peak or via the Club Professional and Manager for main comp days. Social Playing members may win the comp of the day, but are not able to win major club events.

Women’s Memberships

Junior Golf

Trial Games or Visits

Prospective members may play at Medway paying the member guest green fee. Please book via the Golfshop or contact the office for a trial game.

We are happy to show you around our facility and discuss the most appropriate membership package for you. Contact the office for an appointment with the Club Manager Tuesday- Saturdays. 

Corporate Membership

see Corporate Membership page of the website. 

Storage and Other options (members only) 2022-23

TypeAnnual Fee
Bag & Buggy Storage- full$265
Bag only or buggy only- full$170
Bag & Electric Buggy- full$285
Motorised ride on- full$285
Golf Cart- petrol- full$365
Golf cart- electric- full$430
Locker- available$70

Note- Written approval must be gained by the Board prior to using ride on single seat or Golf Carts on the course. There are no storage options left for private golf carts as of 2018.

As of 2022 storage remains limited for bag, buggy and single seat motorized carts.

Membership Procedure


Complete and submit the Membership Proposal form attached or the application online form above. In the event of not having a proposer the manager may act as a proposer on application. If there are no objections from any Members; your proposal is then presented before the Board of Directors for approval at their meeting.

Membership Acceptance

You are then advised in writing of your acceptance as a Member, and an invoice is forwarded detailing the entrance fee, subscription and any other charges that are due. Once payment is received, you are entitled to commence play and use the Club’s facilities. You will never look back.

All Medway playing members are insured under the Golf Australia Insurance Policy as well as their equipment. Details on

If you don’t know a proposer or seconder please contact the club manager for an appointment.