7th July 2020

As of Monday August 3 the gates will remain closed all day with all the business closed including golf, office, storage etc. The gates will remain closed with no access other than essential services.

The office will be operational remotely with access to emails only for member correspondence. 

The golf course will continue to be maintained over the 6 week period as per government regulations allow the maintenance of golf courses.

For any communication with the office/ club please use our normal emails;

Brett Scothern-

Sue Godsall –

John Dixon-

The website will be maintained for communication as well as social media and email platforms.


Old news below


A few updates;

Firstly a thank you to the members for complying with rules especially over the last weekend. What we observed was excellent especially after golf. Everyone is getting used to our new way of life. Great to see everyone booking and allowing for a nice orderly play all through the day.

As of Thursday 23rd July face masks are compulsory within the Medway Golf Club on all occasions for members and staff. 


  • unless they are affected by a relevant medical condition such as breathing difficulties (e.g. Asthma), a serious skin condition on the face, a disability or a mental health condition.

Same penalty applies as per other club rules. You can’t play if don’t have one on at  arrival. It must remain on during your round.

Social distancing

If the group in front is not clear of the tee do not wait on the tee with them. Stay back on the last green area.

Ready Golf

With limited staff member need to be playing ready golf at all times.

On holes 6 and 13 – if you can’t reach – hit. Ignore all “old” golf customs of honours etc. 

COVID 19 Policy

Our policy is on the policies page. 

Cart Hire

Carts are now allowed to hire. They are cleaned every evening. During the day do not take a cart without Golfshop approval, as they need to be sanitised in between hires. 

Members Rights

Can I please remind members not to remonstrate or police rules themselves with each other. That is against club rules. Please let a staff member know or a Board member to report “major” incidents.

If you believe pace of play is not being adhered too, let the golf shop know but we do time rounds and monitor through the window without the need for members to report on most occasions.  If anyone is out of place we will push them along if needed according to Golf Committee Guidelines. Its not up to a member to decide if a group is out of place in the field and make comment to those in front.


Due to the serious nature of the regulations the Board have approved on the spot 7 day suspensions of any member’s who do not comply with current social distancing and club/ government rules.

Board members or senior staff may issue the suspension.

Handicapping/ Competitions

Competitions are strictly not allowed however  if you wish to register on arrival for your score to be uploaded to Golflink for handicapping we can do that as of Thursday July 16. Simply register verbally  at the Golfshop window, then you can access the phone scoring and the leaderboard feature will run on the day. No fee or prizes. At the end of the round  upload your score and move immediately to the car park.

Golf staff will send scores to Golflink. Once registered you cannot change your mind during the round.

Private Carts

All members with private carts must not share with others either during the round or offer the the cart to others when they are not being used. 2 sets are ok on the back, but only the cart owner must be in the cart at all times. 

Couples living together are an exception and may share the cart. 


At present 7 and 6 day membership are full and closed. All new members will start in the 5 day category and invited to upgrade when space and restrictions allow.

Strictly members only all day every day for the time being remains.


The timesheets will continue to open at 6.30am 3 days prior for the short term to allow for short term planning and rule changes.

The survey will be passed on to the golf committee in coming weeks to determine the best timesheet opening times and days prior that suit the membership when we return to normality.

Any suggestions email or direct to the Club Captain Chris Jamieson, David Shaw or Jenny Kelly (Women’s Captain).  

How to top up your house account?

Instructions below on how to do it at home via VISA or MASTERCARD.

More details below- 

  • 7 Day Lite members and Social Members – can book online after 9am 3 days prior. Normal playing restriction apply- 
  • Practice putting green is limited to 2 players max at a time as are all  the practice facilities.
  • Parents may walk with junior members
  •  Takeway drinks / beer and food from Golfshop window.- 
  •  Proshop door closed- service from sliding window only –
  • House account preferred, then Eftpos as a second option. No cash. Please top up your house account online at home prior to arrival to reduce touch points and risk.
  • Private lessons available
  • Toilets open – locker room should stay closed
  • Office closed (email for administration)
  • Please use the wait-list feature

Email queries or bookings to ; or



For members using social media, the Club does not use the comments section to answer member queries. If you have a question please email the office or golfstaff or check the website for details.

Melbourne Water

In coming works some minor geotechnical investigations are required on the Club property to begin the detailed design for Melbourne Water’s new gravity sewer. The location of the proposed additional boreholes (for core sampling) on Medway Golf Club land is along the river bank on the 8th,13th and 14th holes.

As a club, we will do our best to minimize interruptions to play whilst supporting Melbourne Water’s Project and requirements.

House account V Trophy Account

When a member wins a club comp voucher or $5 ball comp win, it is applied to your Trophy account.

This can be used by the member for anything in the club except comp fees and membership subscriptions.

You cannot top up your trophy account via eftpos or online.

If a member chooses to add to his House account via eftpos or online this can be used as above plus for comp fees.

However, house account funds cannot be used for members subscription fees.

Timesheets & lottery process

A new fairer system of booking has been implemented by Miclub for all Victorian Clubs due to unprecedented demand for tee times. See below for more info.

2020 Club Championships

In order to position the Club Championships as our premier event, the Golf Committee have made a slight adjustment on this years event- given we are able to play it under normal tee time arrangement post COVID-19.
The main change is that the final round will move from the Sunday to the Saturday the 28th of November.

All qualifiers will play from approx 11.30am- 2 tee after the normal Saturday Am competition. We believe this will add a touch of excitement for the final round with added members on site to watch.

The Open players will begin 1 week earlier than the B,C & D grade with the dates for the Open to be ;              

1st Round – Saturday 7th November , 2nd Round – Saturday 14th November , 3rd Round (seeded)  – Saturday November 21st November (Approx 8am 1st tee) , Finals All Grades – Saturday 28th November (approx 11.30am-1.00pm Hit off)

B, C & D Grade will be Saturday 14th, Saturday 21st and the final round on the Saturday the 28th. Still 54 holes

The Junior Championship for Boys will be on the 14th and the 21st.

2020-21 Capital projects and Beyond

Below is a list of potential capital projects for consideration. Short listed to encourage member feedback and discussed.


  • Irrigation Software and equipment Upgrade (2020) – planned for September 2020
  • 18th tee re-build
  • 18th path extension from tee to fairway, 9th tee path, 14th tee path , 15th tee path
  • 8th tee men’s and women’s tee rebuild – on hold due to Melbourne Water Sewer works 2021-22
  • Bunker Upgrades – 1st Greenside, 10th both sides, 5th-18th Greenside bunker projects
  • Chipper green upgrade, spare green practice fairway 2020 – complete July 2020
  • 6th hole/ 11th holes


  • Audio clubhouse
  • Car Park signage and line marking
  • Security Cameras (2020)- complete July 2020
  • Private cart Shed concrete floor
  • Painting, carpet and furniture upgrades
  • Members lounge glass/ door extension
  • Function room 2nd bi fold door- approved due July 2020
  • Men’s and Women’s toilets/ locker rooms upgrades

Men’s Course Rating and White Course

Golf Victoria have concluded their statistical analysis of our competition records over the past 6 years and have indicated our Blue slope will revert to 124 (from 128) as of Tuesday March 3 2020.

The white course has been properly measured and is set up for competition play with the correct distances.

GOLF Link Course ID Tee Colour Par Scratch Slope
3 Blue Men 70 70 124
8 Blue Men      Holes 1-9 35 34 125
9 Blue Men      Holes 10-18 35 36 123


For up to date news please see the various pages on the member portal of the website or on the mobile site. Facebook also has recent information as well as direct enews sent to members. If you do not receive emails from the club please check your spam folders or go to member details and check your email is current. 


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