13th October 2020

Course Report October 2020

  • Men’s 8th tee has been stripped and levelled and re-turfed to widen surface
  • 1st stage of small mounds constructed behind 5th green to reduce balls going OOB and to protect golfshop area from balls from 5th bunker. (and possible new bunkering)
  • New grenetic path from 16th green to 17th tee
  • All grenetic paths top dressed
  • Various worn areas turfed and sodded
  • new concrete paths on 6th hole and 7th hole

Irrigation Project 2020

A large project of the irrigation system including new software and decoders has been completed recently. Some new decoders have been installed along the 5th and 18th holes away from the mounds in order for easier access in the future, besides this there is no visible impact on the golf course.

Paths Projects

Concrete path from near the 6th green (tree) to the road crossing and a small section on the 7th tee side of the road.

We also will connect the path along the 7th creek (greenside) to complete the connection from the bridge all the way to the 8th tee and toward the 8th fairway.

Melbourne Water- Sewer project

Melbourne Water aim to complete some sewer works from the 14th hole bridge along the river to the 8th tee and beyond. Initial works have progressed.

The Club will shortly finalize a scope of works and how much it effects the course in 2021. Most of the works will be along the river edge, so interruptions should be minimal.

These works will be completed 1st, then the bike track will be built.

In August Melbourne water will clean up the river bank, removing box thorn to further allow more works to progress. All this work will be on Council land however access may be through the golf club.

Course Stategic Plan

Other works in planning phase aligned with the 2010 Pacific Coast Course plan for following 2 years include;

  • rebuilding 10th hole bunkers
  • rebuilding 5th/ 18th greenside bunkers and protective mounding
  • various concrete pathways
  • 18th tee- rebuild and new pathways to fairway
  • Men and Women’s 8th tee rebuild

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below.

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