13th October 2020

Temporary regulations; From Tuesday October 20

  • Groups of 2 or singles (singles may play 2 balls on course)
  • Tee times will begin earlier than normal on main days whilst in groups of 2 namely 6am Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
  • All players must be on the timesheet and booked prior to arrival
  • Handicapping is optional but must report to golfshop prior to register for handicapping, with no competitions or comp fees payable as yet
  • No golf cart hire allowed or push buggies – private carts allowed
  • Golf shop and office closed window service for registration and handicapping allowed only, No food and beverage maybe purchased from the golfshop.
  • Online or office transactions only of membership payments
  • Local rules are on the Miscore APP and on the noticeboard.
  • Putting green- limited to 2 at a time. Chipper and practice fairway closed besides private coaching
  • Social distancing applies in all areas
  • Face masks must be worn
  • All members must live within 25Km to visit the facility
  • See below for booking access and timesheets info

Timesheets/ Tee times

A notice will be placed when timesheets revert back to the normal opening 10 days prior at 7.30am at present they all open at 7.30am 3 days prior (except club championships)

Once timesheets return to opening 10 days prior at 7.30am, 7 Day Lite and Flexi members will have access 7 days prior, Social playing members and Medway Mates will have access 4 days prior. (subject to discretion of golf committee)

Typically for normal timesheets;

  • 7 day Lite have no access to timesheets Saturday’s between 7am-9am and Thursday’s 11am-1pm. (note- 7 Day Lite are capped to 12 rounds in a 12 month period on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday during competition times (and Tuesday for Women as per by-laws)
  • Flexi members “new Category” only have access to timesheets on Mondays, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday between 7am-9am, Saturday’s between 11am-1pm and Sunday’s. (Flexi Members are capped to 12 comp rounds in a 12 month period on the main comp days and have no access to the course as per their conditions in the by-laws)
  • Social members have access to timesheets 4 days prior , but are subject to manager discretion. A member guest fee is payable at all times. 12 rounds cap exists in a 12 month period
  • Women’s Trial Members have access as per playing rights in the by laws.

Member Guests, Visitors, Women’s 5 for 5 program, Medway Mates, Social Groups and Corporate Days will be allowed at a time when reasonable access to tee times are available with information posted on the top of the timesheet. We ask members not to ask for guest permission until groups of 4 return and only in off peak times.

In the short term (prior to xmas) we aim to keep non member bookings to a minimum until demand for tee times revert back to near normal levels.

Membership’s still remains the best option to access the course with all categories and the new “FLEXI” category available to all current members from March 2021 to transfer either up or down.

For new members or past members all memberships remain closed as of October 19 2020, with the use of 5 day , 6 day likely to be open in the short term as a waitlist for potential 7 day.

A $750 joining fee is payable for new members. (subject to manager discretion). A smaller re-instatement fee is payable to returning members (subject to manager discretion)

Melbourne Cup Draw

Due to a wide range of reasons the Melbourne Cup- Alex manzella syndicate draw and dinner will be postponed until 2021.

Those who have paid into the syndicate, the amounts will forward on to the 2021 Melbourne Cup and dinner. If you have any financial concerns please contact Alex Manzella 1st to organize a refund via the club office.

Covid – 19

Please do not become complacent about COVID-19, social distancing or the requirement to wear facemasks while playing golf. A cluster at the Club will most likely require closure and it is therefore incumbent on every member to do what is required to keep yourself, your fellow members, and our staff safe.

We have a COVID-19 Action plan in place for staff in all areas of the club.

Competition Fee Charges

see match and competition pages

How to top up your house account?

Instructions below on how to do it at home via VISA or MASTERCARD.

House account V Trophy Account

When a member wins a club comp voucher or $5 ball comp win, it is applied to your Trophy account.

This can be used by the member for anything in the club except comp fees and membership subscriptions.

You cannot top up your trophy account via eftpos or online.

If a member chooses to add to his House account via eftpos or online this can be used as above plus for comp fees.

However, house account funds cannot be used for members subscription fees.

Facebook / Instagram

For members using social media, the Club does not use the comments section to answer member queries. If you have a question please email the office or golfstaff or check the website for details.


For up to date news please see the various pages on the member portal of the website or on the mobile site. Facebook also has recent information as well as direct enews sent to members. If you do not receive emails from the club please check your spam folders or go to member details and check your email is current. 

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