18th July 2021

From Wednesday July 28 –

7th Fairway- compulsory Tee Up on closely mown area (fairway) – prior to 2nd creek crossing ( not around green)

Bunkers- preferred lies 1 handspan- rakes are back in the bunkers to help maintain condition in between course staff raking of all bunkers on Tuesday morning , Thursday mornings and Friday lunchtime.

All other holes besides the 7th- Preferred lies on closely mown area fairway height or less.

See Miscore or noticeboard for full details.

Nearest the Pins return on main comp days

Flagsticks may be removed when putting.

Drinks taps and ball washes all return to use.

All changes due to government restrictions classifying the above as no longer shared equipment, but high touch points. We still encourage all golfers to observe social distancing and general government advice to remain safe. All golfers must sign in to the QR codes in the golfshop or bar on arrival.

Medway Pro Am 2021

The Miscore App is free for all Medway members to use at Medway. If you wish to use at other clubs you will need to pay a fee and select the option to subscribe on the phone.

House Account / Comp Fee Charges

Reminder to all members to keep your house account topped up over $50. Some members are falling behind. Please don’t rely on staff to always inform of your balance. If you can check online and top up from home your day to day experience runs much smoother.

Club Guest Days 2021-22

Mothers Day

AFL Grand Final Day after 12pm

Melbourne Cup after 12pm

New Years Day

Family Cup Event

All typically 1 guest per member but recent info will be at the top of the timesheet

Medway Team Cup & Noonan Medal

Some changes to the draw have been made due to the June & July lockdown.

The Noonan medal Dinner is currently scheduled for Friday September 3 and bookings can be made now on the timesheet on the day.

Please book in to your team table.

Your entry fee of $55 has covered the costs of dinner. Drinks are payable.

Team Cup resumes Saturday July 31, with finals starting the following Saturday. See top of timesheets for dates.

Team 1- DefectorsTeam 2- Mix Grill
J DamolisM Giammarco
J MesserM Wulf
N TuddenhamD Trajkovski
G StusserP Hall
S BuckleyM McIntyre
A EllisI Schafer
D WoodJ Sicari
W HaddadJ MacKenzie
The Mighty D’sAirport West
R McKenzieRichard Brown
Broome ShawR Celantano
Mark EganG Kirk
P MarinucciV Margariti
C GreyC Morton
B ParkF Adams
E LobartoloG Schultz
M IbrahimR Spicer

Kellys HeroesClappbag
B BlackmoreB Braini
D BaileyL Nutter
A ManzellaP Rowan
G Kelly C Nixon
S KepsnerA Knox
G BrockG Jeffrey
P ColeC Braithwaite
P DervanStacie Gull
Them DonkeysMaestro’s
Glenn DisneyB Flynn
Darren EdgingtonW Gangell
Paul SchwartzN White
Rod GreiveJ Maniatis
Peter TripodiS Tuhan
Darren AndersonA Ghossaini
S MoloneyA Swansson
B JamiesonG Blake

Foreign LegionBushwood Bandits
David ShawScott MacKenzie
Adrian RodriguezEileen Mackenzie
Rudi RodriguezLachie Atkins
A SimeonidisM Mazzarella
James MargaritiA Magazzu
R SummerhillC Lunnay
P BraybrookeCarly Trinh
R WuchatschJenny Cooper

Snow White & the 7 Hackers
Hahn Tran
Vico Chung
Harry Tam
Ving Ha
Andrew Luong
Kear chea
Andy Kim
Marro Kim

Charging Comp Fees to House account

2021 Women Event Winners


NJ Grant Memorial – Stephen Buckley

Medway Family Cup- John & Ben Middleton

R O Miles Memorial- Ian Schafer

Medway Bill James Memorial Father & Son – John & Ben Middleton

Brien & Jonson- Anzac Day – J Pantaleo

Men’s Matchplay Champion- Doug Bailey Defeated Rob Tripodi

Corporate Cup- Dolce Vita on Puckle

Corporate Challenge- Jakmax

Mixed Foursomes – Warren & Janet Gangell

Harry Jones Cup- Jordan Smith

Stan Booth Midweek Championships- Jack Heanly

Squire Massey- Craig Purcell

Mixed 2 Person Ambrose-

Saturday Medal

January Gary Kirk, February – Alan Bent, March – David Shaw, April- Ray Hutchison, May – Stephen Moloney – June- A Ghossaini, July – M Mazzarella

Thursday Medal

January- Frank Sabo, February- Nick Harford, March A Ghossaini, April G Dodgshun, May – J Heanly , June K Fletcher – July A. Balloch

Hole in Ones 2020-21

Alan Ghossaini 17th
Seb Gugliemino 6th
Alan Ghossaini 17th
Ron Uren 10th
Matt Donnelly 8th
Ross Wuchatsch 8th 
Charlie Salloum 10th
Daniel Rolfe (Albatross) 11/2/21 9th
George Higgins 15/4/21 8th
Patrick Alilovic 18/4/21 (albatross) 14th 
Dom Patti 8/7/21  17th 
Matt McIntyre 31/7/21 6th 

2020 Events Winners

Club Championships

Open Champion – Nick Tuddenham (8)

B Grade Champion – Vince Dutt

C Grade Champion – Alex Tran

 D Grade Champion – John Griffiths

A Grade Plate- Peter Hall

B Grade Plate- Vince Dutt

C Grade Plate- Mark tan

D Grade Plate- Jamie Ronquillo

Junior Boys  Champion- George Carasavidis

Junior Boys Nett- Jacob Ngo

Women’s Open Champion- Lauren Goddard

Junior Girls- Lauren Goddard

Women’s Weekend Nett- Ainsley Pho

Women’s Tuesday A Grade Gross- Carol McMillan

A Grade Net- Lorraine James (and Gwen Allen Shield)

B Grade Gross- Lauren Truscott

B Grade Net- Gabrielle Keating

C Grade Gross- Audrey McCarten

C Grade Net- Swee Kum Ho 

9  Hole Champion- Shona St Clair

Other Major Events 2020 

NJ Grant Memorial- Peter Barham

Summer Cup –  Clark Rossiter

Skins Game- Champion Wally Haddad

Medway Corporate Cup- TNM Consulting- James Maniatis, Brendan Flynn, Brendan Heaney, Jason Smith

Medway Corporate Challenge – Moonee Valley Osteopathy- Glen Bales

Mixed Foursomes Championship Nett- Ken & Jenny Cooper

Autumn Cup – Jamie Moyses

Bill Grieve Memorial- Mitch Jamieson

Stan Booth Midweek Championships – John Blatti

Thursday Treasurer Hamper- Enio Santilli

Saturday President Hamper – Robert Murdoch

Sunday Captain Hamper – Felix Cooray

Saturday Medallist – N/A

Thursday Medallist -N/A

Saturday Eclectic- N/A

Thursday Eclectic – N/A

Men Medal Winners

Note all 2020 medal Winners will compete in the 2021 Medal of Medalist

January –   John Beyer, February Thomas Ngo, March- Alex Tran

April-N/A  May-N/A , June -Domonic Filippone, November – Vico Chung , December – Rudi Rodriguez

Thursday Medal-

December 19 – Paul Williamson

January-  Sam Tuhan, February- Peter Nguyen, March – Rick Horwood , June – James Maniatis, 

November- Peter Evans , December John Duggan


January- Ann Jamieson, February –  Josie Rossitto, March – Joan Mumford

November – Lorraine James,  December  – Liz Watt

Saturday Medal

January-  Hahn Tran, February- Stacie Gull, March – Hahn Tran

 November  – Hahn Tran , December – Carly Trinh



Due to a small number of medal winners in 2020, all medal winners from 2020 will playoff for the medallist of the year in 2021 with the other 2021 medal winners.


Jill Gillingham, Brett Scothern, Jenny Kelly, Linda Morgan, Gabby Keating


John Dixon, Alex Pitty, Chris Jamieson, David Shaw, Chris Biffin

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