8th September 2021

Temp local rules-

See front of golf shop and Miscore App

Rescheduled Events

Once we re-open check the syllabus for a full schedule

Vietnamese Members

Welcome to Medway Chào mừng các bạn đến Medway All players must rake their footprints in s bunkers after playing a shot Mọi người phải cào phẳng dấu chân trong cát, sau khi đánh xong shot All players must play quickly- 2 hours max for 9 holes. Tất cả phải chơi nhanh, xong 9 lỗ tối đa là 2 giờ đồng hồ All players must report to golfshop prior to hit. Tất cả các bạn chơi phải đến proshop trình diện trước khi khởi đánh banh. All players are welcome I the clubhouse/ bar after golf Clubhouse và bar luôn chào đón các bạn sau khi chơi golf xong.

MISCORE APP- score on your phone

The Miscore App is free for all Medway members to use at Medway. If you wish to use at other clubs you will need to pay a fee and select the option to subscribe on the phone.

House Account / Comp Fee Charges

Reminder to all members to keep your house account topped up over $50. Some members are falling behind. Please don’t rely on staff to always inform of your balance. If you can check online and top up from home your day to day experience runs much smoother.

Club Guest Days 2022

Melbourne Cup after 12pm

New Years Day

Family Cup Event

Mothers Day

All typically 1 guest per member but recent info will be at the top of the timesheet

Medway Team Cup & Noonan Medal

The team cup has been rescheduled to be Saturday November 27, December 4, 11 and the Grand Final on the 18th December.

The Noonan medal Dinner is to be rescheduled if regulations allow.

The Qualifying and Elimination Finals line ups are;

Clapbag Versus Snow White and 7 Hackers (double chance)
Them Donkeys Versus Mix Grill (double chance)
Airport West Legends Versus Team 3
Foreign Legion Versus Defectors

Charging Comp Fees to House account

2021 Women Medal Winners

2021 Men & Mixed Winners

NJ Grant Memorial – Stephen Buckley

Medway Family Cup- John & Ben Middleton

R O Miles Memorial- Ian Schafer

Medway Bill James Memorial Father & Son – John & Ben Middleton

Brien & Jonson- Anzac Day – J Pantaleo

Men’s Matchplay Champion- Doug Bailey Defeated Rob Tripodi

Corporate Cup- Dolce Vita on Puckle

Corporate Challenge- Jakmax

Mixed Foursomes – Warren & Janet Gangell

Harry Jones Cup- Jordan Smith

Stan Booth Midweek Championships- Jack Heanly

Squire Massey- Craig Purcell

Mixed 2 Person Ambrose-

Saturday Medal

January Gary Kirk, February – Alan Bent, March – David Shaw, April- Ray Hutchison, May – Stephen Moloney – June- A Ghossaini, July – M Mazzarella, August N/A, September N/A, October N/A

Thursday Medal

January- Frank Sabo, February- Nick Harford, March A Ghossaini, April G Dodgshun, May – J Heanly , June K Fletcher – July A. Balloch, August- N/A, September N/A, October N/A

Hole in Ones 2020-21

Daniel Rolfe (Albatross) 11/2/21 9th
George Higgins 15/4/21 8th
Patrick Alilovic 18/4/21 (albatross) 14th 
Dom Patti 8/7/21  17th 
Matt McIntyre 31/7/21 6th 


Due to a small number of medal winners in 2020, all medal winners from 2020 will playoff for the medallist of the year in 2021 with the other 2021 medal winners.


Jill Gillingham, Brett Scothern, Jenny Kelly, Linda Morgan, Gabby Keating


John Dixon, Alex Pitty, Chris Jamieson, David Shaw, Chris Biffin

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