22nd November 2021

2021 Club Championships

Men’s and Women’s Weekend Club Champs 2021        

Junior Girls Champion  (36 holes) *         Ainsley Pho                         177                                       $40

Junior Girls Nett (36 holes) *                       Georgia Schwartz             146/cb                                  $30

Women’s Weekend Plate (36 holes) *     Eileen MacKenzie             146 c/b                                 $30                                        

Women’s Open Runner Up (54 holes)     Jenny Cooper                     275                                        $40 

Women’s Open Club Champion  (54 holes)       Ainsley Pho             269                                         $100                              

Junior Boys Runner Up (36 holes) *          Thomas Ngo                       157                                         $50

Junior Boys Champion (36)    *                   Jack MacKenzie                154                                         $80

Junior Boys Nett *                                            Cooper Underwood        144 c/b                                 $30

Men’s D Grade Plate-                                     Michael Clemens               137                                       $60

Men’s C Grade Plate                                       Drago Krajina                     137                                        $60        

Men’s B Grade Plate-                                      Michael Charalambous 136                                         $60        

Men’s Open Plate-                                           Thomas Ngo                       144                                        $60                        

Mens D Grade 3rd                                            James Summerhill            280                                         $60

Mens D grade 2nd                                            Colin Braithwaite              279                                         $80

Mens D Grade Club Champion                   Michael Clemens             272                                         $120

Mens C Grade 3rd                                            Vico Chung/ Sam Tuhan 262                                         $60

Mens C grade 2nd                                            Trevor Breuer                    260                                         $80

Mens  C Grade Club Champion                  Drago Krajina                    253                                         $120

Mens B Grade 3rd                                           Rod Grieve / Daniel Rolfe    243                                         $60

Mens B grade 2nd                                            Vince Dutt                           240                                      $80

Mens B Grade Club Champion                   Michael Charalambous 232                                         $120      

Mens   A Grade 2nd                                         Corey Nixon, Enshan Hooi 298                                     $80

Mens A Grade Club Champion                   Adam Tsiamis                    288                                         $120      

2021- Women’s Midweek (Tuesday) Championships and 9 hole Championships Rd 1 Tuesday November 16


A Grade Gross Champion Jill Gillingham

Nett Plate Jenny Cooper

B Grade TJ Yim 322

Nett Plate Joan Mumford 162

C Grade Julie Corby 323

Net plate Linley Bielby 165

9 hole champs- Lou McGregor 1st , Kylie Malcolm 2nd

Gwen Allen- Jill Gillingham

Medal of Medallists

Women’s Tuesday Medallists

  • Played Tuesday – 14 December
    • Qualifiers- Ann Jamieson, Josie Rossitto, Joan Mumford, Dora Stewart, Lorraine James, Liz Watt, Jenny Cooper, Stacie Gull, Jenny Merriman, Therese Brophy, Jill Gillingham, Hellen Stiglich and Leonie Johnson
    • Womens Weekend Medallist
  • Played Saturday – 18 December
    • Qualifiers- Hahn Tran (5), Stacie Gull (3), Carly Trinh (2), Carol McMillan (2) and Jenny Cooper (2) , Eileen MacKenzie (nov 21 medal),

Men Medal of Medallist 2020-21

Played Saturday – 18th December – enter via timesheet as normal (TBC)

2021 Qualifiers – January Gary Kirk, February – Alan Bent, March – David Shaw, April- Ray Hutchison, May – Stephen Moloney – June- A Ghossaini, July – M Mazzarella, August N/A, September N/A, October N/A, November – B Heaney, December- Rod Grieve

2020 Qualifiers – January John Beyer, February Thomas Ngo, March Alex Tran, June Dominic Fillipone, November Vico Chung, December Rudi Rodriguez

Thursday Midweek Medallist Played Thursday 16th December- enter via timesheet as normal

2021 Qualifiers January- Frank Sabo, February- Nick Harford, March A Ghossaini, April G Dodgshun, May – J Heanly , June K Fletcher – July A. Balloch, August- N/A, September N/A, October N/A, November- R, Wuchatsch

2020 Qualifiers Dec 2019 – Paul Williamson, January 2020- Sam Tuhan, February Peter Nguyen, March Rick Horwood, June James Maniatis, November Peter Evens, December John Duggan

Temp local rules-

See front of golf shop and Miscore App/ local rules

Vietnamese Members

Welcome to Medway Chào mừng các bạn đến Medway All players must rake their footprints in s bunkers after playing a shot Mọi người phải cào phẳng dấu chân trong cát, sau khi đánh xong shot All players must play quickly- 2 hours max for 9 holes. Tất cả phải chơi nhanh, xong 9 lỗ tối đa là 2 giờ đồng hồ All players must report to golfshop prior to hit. Tất cả các bạn chơi phải đến proshop trình diện trước khi khởi đánh banh. All players are welcome I the clubhouse/ bar after golf Clubhouse và bar luôn chào đón các bạn sau khi chơi golf xong.

Pro am 2021

Team PM winner- Tony Hodges, Rod Grieve, Andrew Ploog, James Grierson

Team PM Runner up – M Ibrahim, Paddy brady, Chris Jamieson, Daniel Beckman

Men’s PM ind- Peter Rowan 40 pts

Andrew Knox 38, Mark Marazita 38, Peter Cole 37

Women PM ind- Georgia Schwartz 43

NTP 8th- Paddy Brady

10th- Jason Lock

17th James Ferguson

Non handicap winner Adam Pickering 37

AM Team- Hahn Tran, Geoff Kinneburgh, Alan Bent

Women Am- Stacie Gull

Raffle- thaaks to rick Horwood HPS plumbing raised over $4000 and to members buying tickets.

10th Peter rowan, 9th Gavin Anderson, 8th James Hurlston, 7th L Osborne, 6th A Swansson, 5th A Ploog, 4th Ty Lehman, 3rd Ant Brown, 2nd G Higgins, 1st M Giammarco

Club Guest Days 2022

2021 Sunday Boxing Day

Wednesday January 5

Friday January 7

Sunday Jan 23 Family Cup Event PM Only

Mothers Day Sunday May

All typically 1 guest per member but recent info will be at the top of the timesheet

Medway Team Cup & Noonan Medal

The team cup has been rescheduled to be Saturday November 27, December 4, 11 and the Grand Final on the 18th December.

The Noonan medal Dinner is to be rescheduled if regulations allow or a credit applied to the 2022 entries if the dinner is cancelled.

Team Cup Update: Semi-Finals / Date: Saturday 4 December 2021
Teams: 8 / Total Scores: 63
Highest Score: 42 / Lowest Score: 20 / Average: 31.0476

Results– Sat 4th December- Semi Finals
Snow White and 7 Hackers (134) has defeated Airport West Legends (133)
Defectors (138) has defeated Mix Grill (133)

Match Ups for Prelimary Finals- Saturday 11th December

Clapbag Versus Defectors
Them Donkeys Versus Snow White and 7 Hackers

Charging Comp Fees to House account

2021 Men & Mixed Winners Event Winners

NJ Grant Memorial – Stephen Buckley

Medway Family Cup- John & Ben Middleton

R O Miles Memorial- Ian Schafer

Medway Bill James Memorial Father & Son – John & Ben Middleton

Brien & Jonson- Anzac Day – J Pantaleo

Men’s Matchplay Champion- Doug Bailey Defeated Rob Tripodi

Corporate Cup- Dolce Vita on Puckle

Corporate Challenge- Jakmax

Mixed Foursomes – Warren & Janet Gangell

Harry Jones Cup- Jordan Smith

Stan Booth Midweek Championships- Jack Heanly

Squire Massey- Craig Purcell

Bill Grieve Cup Day – Mark Egan

Hole in Ones 2020-21

Daniel Rolfe (Albatross) 11/2/21 9th
George Higgins 15/4/21 8th
Patrick Alilovic 18/4/21 (albatross) 14th 
Dom Patti 8/7/21  17th 
Matt McIntyre 31/7/21 6th 
Ross McKenzie 4/11/21 17th 
Glenn Fattur  3/12/21 17th 



Jill Gillingham, Brett Scothern, Jenny Kelly, Linda Morgan, Gabby Keating


John Dixon, Alex Pitty, Chris Jamieson, David Shaw, Chris Biffin

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