14th June 2022

8th Hole

The Golf Committee then Board will consider some design options for the 8th hole for re-instatement at the end of the project with Melbourne Water via TP golf. As soon as they are complete they will be posted for members views.

In addition to new tees and paths the Board are considering rebuilding and a re-design of the 8th bunkers as well as the 7th bunkers to further the bunker improvement program.

Estimate timing- 2023

A very early concept drawing is attached subject to Board and Melbourne Water approvals to give members as guide to the planning in place.

8th tee concept drawing updated April 22

Bunker Rakes Positioning

Volunteers Report

Completed a repair of the seat at the 13th tee.

Trimmed the shrubs that are at each end of the car park.

Removed the dead branches from the photinia hedge along the car park.

Repaired the holes and ruts in the granitic sand paths.

Removed the obsolete plant growth and three loads of old mulch from the garden behind the 4th green in preparation for new planting after winter.

Completed the mulching both sides of the front entrance.

Trimmed the low hanging shrubs along the fence left of the 3rd tee.

Trimmed the tree and hedge at the old Pro Shop.

Peter Evans

Winter/ Spring Course Projects

Tuesday June 14- 1st Hole- 9 pines have been removed along the green and will be replaced with quality netting to protect our boundaries and ensure better sunlight and turf/ green conditions- pending council permit around Mid /Late July installation .The temp green will be in play until netting installed and permits received.

5th fairway- like the 18th hole a few years ago the 5th fairway will extended toward the tee.

Starter tee plaques- some plaques will be placed at the start of most fairways for a starter course tee for all new golfers, juniors as part of our new golfer program

Melbourne Water- Sewer project

Melbourne Water aim to complete some sewer works from the 14th hole bridge along the river to the 8th tee and beyond. Initial works have progressed offsite and a tender process is complete.

We expect the 8th tee and hole to be out of action for 18 months from July 2022. Pegs have been installed to indicate the external boundary for the project which will have a temporary fence erected. A permanent fence will be erected along our boundary from the 16th tee to the 8th green approx.

Melbourne Water have funded the new practice fairway green and tee which is complete. They have also funded the new chipper tee which will shortly be complete and ready for play.

The bike track will be constructed at the end of the sewer project by Melbourne Water as well as an improved riverbank, on Maribyrnong Council land along the river.

Once finalised we will post concept drawing here of the bike track.

5th/ 18th, 9th Greenside Bunkers and surrounds – design phase

The Board have engaged TP Golf Course Design (Ross Perret, Warren Duncan) to provide a concept and detailed design of the area. Once received and displayed to members the Club will engage tenderers to estimate costings.

At this stage the area is a priority and with acceptable business conditions the club hopes to do the project in the Summer of 2022-23 to minimize further disruption to member golf access due to recent lockdowns.

Course Master plan

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below that is used as a guide for future works.

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