1st August 2022

Junior Pennant

Starts late October. Every Sunday – 6 weeks midday.

Under 18 handicap nett.

Emails going out in September for any Junior member interested to play. Handicap required. Boys and Girls.

Michael Schwartz, Rob Harding to manage the teams with Brett/ jack also available to help co-ordinate leading up.

Contact Brett for now for info or register interest.


Teaching Professional- Jake Killeen

See coaching page for info/ bookings. 

New Menu and bar snack menu

We are trialing some extended kitchen hours on Thursday and Saturday.





With our current wet winter the Club may adopt a position of rather than removing carts on a wet day to a policy of Club Carts with GPS only. This at least gives private cart users a chance to play if they wish and can book a club cart. This policy will only be used sparingly and allows us to control usage when quite wet. On these days on top of the timesheet the policy will read- club carts only with GPS for those with medical exemption (no joyriding)- no private carts or private ride ons.

All carts have been installed with GPS technology enhancing your experience on course. 


Junior Co-Ordinator

If you want to help the club – see below


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PODCAST – series 1

Titled  “Fore Loops Golf” and available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and podcast platforms.

Contacting Us/ Request some info

For members using social media, the Club does not use the comments section to answer member queries. If you have a question please email the office or golfstaff or check the website for details.

Reminder all comments by members are subject to the club’s conduct and behaviour policy.

Staff and member Safety

With increase playing numbers please be aware to minimise risk on course;

Ground staff have right of way- if a golfer sees a ground staff member working they must wait before playing until they are out of range or signal to hit.

We roster ground staff accordingly to minimize interference on main competition days or work early morning.

Beware of Snakes at all times

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