13th November 2023

Post Club Championships to do list

New turf at 5th fairway entry  and 18th entry

Aeration of 18th green

Tree removal on the 8th, 18th and 3rd holes

Compacting new bunkers



Dam/ Water

We have received an soil report and our experts are developing a recommendation for the club shortly to strengthen the dam wall on the 5th.  More information will be presented shortly. 

Water storage as of November 15- 65%.

Volunteers report 


Trimmed cypress pines back off the path going from 6th green to 7th tee.

Trimmed shrubs right of 7th tee back off the tee.

Trimmed along the 7th tee path and other areas around the course.

Assisted Colin (Course Super.) with the removal of several tree branches that hampered play on two separate days.

Top dressed the fairway sections of the cable line the runs along the water pipeline from the 4th to the 14th fairways.

Picked up and removed gum tree debris from various locations.

Refreshed all the red hazard posts with a coat of new paint.

Cut and removed about a dozen unwanted trees from the Chewton street dam wall.

Trimmed the bottom of each shrub in the garden bed along the 4th tee.

Where a tree was removed recently right hand side of 13th tee the mulch was removed and grass seed planted.

Removed a dead tree and cleaned the area of the garden situated on the right of 7th fairway before the second creek crossing


Soil Report- September 2023 


2023 8th Hole

Concept design attached subject to approvals for re-instatement at the end of the project with Melbourne Water via TP golf.

Tee and path designs may be adjusted as Melbourne Water move more earth. Final plans will be presented toward the end of 2023 on the website for members.

Draft 2 below

Course Master plan

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below that is used as a guide for future works.

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