19th February 2024

New Medway Berkley Golf Apparel Available Online 

Medway members Ben McManus & Lachlan Sneddon’s golf clothing business ‘Berkley Sport’ will soon be set up and sold through the Medway pro shop. The lads are great in supporting the club through supplying our pennant players uniform for 2024 and are even sponsoring some of our junior members such as Georgia Schwartz. 

If you are interested in having a look at the apparel, Ben and Lachy will be floating around the pro shop over the next coming Sunday’s with opportunities for try-ons of samples.

Attached below is a link to their online ordering for Medway men’s and women’s polos with sizes ranging from S-4XL. As well as the link to their online website.

Berkley Golf Men's Medway Members Polo – 2024


Annual General Meeting 2024


CDS- Container Deposit Scheme- Recycling

Thanks to Jenny Kelly and Nick Harford the club will soon transition into recycling bins around the clubhouse. Nick has helped negotiate a supplier to collect and provide bins especially for the CDS scheme. The club will benefit for each member who uses the bins correctly by disposing of bottles and cans.

The Board are considering a member benefit / capital purchase to invest the savings. 

In addition we have re-negotiated our waste supplier agreement with Superior Waste and with reduced general waste expected further savings will be enjoyed by the club.

Elections/ Board Positions

Jenny Kelly has been elected un-opposed to the Captain position.

As per recent advice from Clubs Vic  –  based on our constitution and the unique result of the new Captain elected unopposed there is no requirement for an election for the remaining Board positions.

As a result Phil and Stacie will remain on the board for a further 3 years. Richard Brown will also join the Board at the AGM on a 3 year term.

We congratulate Jenny Kelly on being elected un-opposed to the Club Captain position and thank the outgoing Captain Chris Jamieson for his tireless work over the past 6 years.

Paul Barnard has resigned from the Board due to work commitments. We thank Paul for his 2 years service to the Club.


Advertisement for Head Course Super is out as of February 22 on the Turf Manager website. Interviews in March via GM, President and Captain.

Part Time Assistant Manager job advertised as of February 20.

.Bar staff- always looking for casual staffs

All applications and resume’s  via 


Newsletter Jan 30

Member Club Storage and Batteries

As  of April 1- all member equipment stored in the buggy storage and cart shed are stored at owners risk. That means we encourage all members who wish to have their golf equipment insured to take out their own insurance.

A notice will be supplied to all members who use storage. The club’s equipment insurance does not cover all sets in case of fire or major theft, so the Board have chosen to minimize exposure to any risk. 

Member’s equipment is insured throughout the golf course and anywhere in Australia as a general rule – more info under membership news or via the office with an excess.

Car Park

Cars are parked at owners risk as always.

Strategy and Workshop Information

The recent workshop and strategy process has now enabled the board to start planning for 2024 and beyond.

Based on member feedback the Board have commenced working on solutions for Practice facilities, HR structures and  change room improvements. The Board will shortlist some projects and have finalized the 2024 budget to allow for planning and projects to be prioritized for commencement. 

Melbourne Water Project

Recent update as of mid February is that the project is still continuing and will break ground near 8th tee shortly. A major re-engineering is being done surrounding the river crossing. In April MW will have a final idea as to whether to proceed either across the top of the river or underneath.

Once that decision is made the timelines for the project will be more certain. If it ends up being an underneath solution the project will take much longer and we will re-address our compensation and playing strategies as a result. If the bridge remains the project should be completed by end of 2024 and works progress on the river bank immediately.

As a side note if you’re interested, for any info relating to the broader Maribyrnong flood review Melbourne Water is undertaking (not specific to this project) you can check out the link below.

Social Media

Medway Golf Club on Instagram- follow us

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Medway Golf Club on Facebook- like us/ follow us

We don’t comment of social media. Please email the General Manager any queries and they can be forwarded on to the relevant sub committee.

Member Behavior and Social media

A member Social Media Policy will be on the policies page of website.

Please be respectful in comments. All members are subject to our conduct and behavior policy. If memebers wish to ask about the club please contact the General Manager or approach a Board members in a respectful manner at the appropriate time.

Contacting Us/ Request some info

For members using social media, the Club does not use the comments section to answer member queries. If you have a question please email the office or golfstaff or check the website for details.

Reminder all comments by members are subject to the club’s conduct and behavior policy.

Staff and Member Safety

With increase playing numbers please be aware to minimise risk on course;

Ground staff have right of way- if a golfer sees a ground staff member working they must wait before playing until they are out of range or signal to hit.

We roster ground staff accordingly to minimize interference on main competition days or work early morning.

Beware of Snakes at all times

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