24th February 2024

General Maintenance 

Ducks are causing some issues again and will so until the next decent rainfall, where they find a quieter home. We had a good run without them, but the wildlife is a pat of our club.

Greens (or specifically the Poa) section of greens especially up the top of course are suffering with ducks and heat and looking forward to cooler season and corring. A smaller corring will take place on Wednesday March 13.

Normal maintenance routines;

  • Green cutting or rolling- 6 days per week (excludes Sunday)
  • Bunker raking – 3 times per week
  • Hole changing- 3 times per week
  • Tee divot repair- weekly
  • Fairways, Rough cutting 50ml- constant
  • Tees and surrounds cutting- minimum weekly
  • Divot repair- tees- weekly
  • Bunkers- edging & weeding planned late Feb
  • Sand depth- levelling- weekly

Members can assist the maintenance of the course by;

Fixing plug marks

Filling divots (including tees)

Raking bunkers from the back to front to keep sand level (removing the downhill feel of bunkers)

Using your ball to shape the hole back

By not touching the side of the hole when removing ball

Not hitting the side of the hole  with the flag or putter ball retriever

Reporting any leaks or “major” issues to the golfshop or manager via email


Recruitment- Notification of Head Super is now on the ATMA website. Aiming to recruit late March via interviews and a start date late April to early May to support our team who are doing a great job overall with some external challenges.

A recruitment process is in place to assist in the shortlisting of applicants, then interview and selection process including industry experts and a Panel of Board members and staff.

Dam/ Water

We have received an engineering report and our internal experts are developing a recommendation for the club shortly to strengthen the dam wall on the 5th.  More information will be presented shortly. We are investigating lengthening the dam toward the 4th green, if so some irrigation will need to be moved.

Volunteers report


Continued the removal of low lying tree and shrub limbs from various locations.

Raked and removed fallen gum tree debris.

Filled all holes in the granitic sand paths.

Removed unwanted growth from the tree trunks in the car park.

Our December report follows but firstly some thankyous.

Thankyou to long time Medway member PAUL DUGGAN for his ongoing support of the volunteer group.

Also to our very important members of the Volunteer Team who have contributed their time during 2023.

Bruce Collins, Ken Cooper, Colin Grey, John Griffiths, Bob Harding, Henry Holman, Stan James, Chris Jamieson, Geoff Kinniburgh, Ross McKenzie, John Middleton, Terry O’Riley, Puffa Sawyer, Rick Spillane, David Stephenson, Kenny Vu, Mike Woods.


2023 8th Hole

Concept design attached for re-instatement at the end of the project with Melbourne Water via TP golf.

Course Master plan

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below that is used as a guide for future works.

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