15th April 2024


Arborist on site late April. Some works may interfere with holes and tee usage.

4th Dam

Works are progressing. For safety the course will be set up on a daily basis. Either 4th hole in play as par 4, par 3 or closed. If closed the 8th hole will open as a short par 3.

Practice Fairway/ 3rd

Some safety netting will be installed along the practice tee the week commencing April 22.

New  Staff

We welcome Niall Rogan as Medway Golf Club Head Super starting Monday April 14.

Most recently Niall has been the Head Super at Kalgoorlie WA- Number 62 in Australia, and prior to that 4 years as Assistant at Sorrento Golf Club from 2017-2021.

Previous to that stints at Portmarnock Ireland, le National France and California Golf Club of San Francisco.

Niall is a single figure golfer and originally from Ireland. 

Members can assist the maintenance of the course by;

  • Fixing plug marks
  • Filling divots (including tees)
  • Using your ball to shape the hole back
  • By not touching the side of the hole when removing ball
  • Not hitting the side of the hole  with the flag or putter ball retriever

Reporting any leaks or “major” issues to the golfshop or manager via email

Future Projects/ Bunker removal/ Tee levelling

As part of our bunker redevelopment the golf committee are considering removing some old bunkering that will not form part of the long term bunker redevelopment.

These bunkers include the bunkers on the 16th both left and right side of fairway furthest away from the green and the 14th bunker on the right closest to the green.

These bunkers don’t play a strategic benefit to the holes and will be likely removed in 2024.

The golf committee invite any commentary from members in writing prior to commencing the project which will be done in house at minimal cost.

Some tee especially the back section are in need of levelling. Best to do end of winter for the couch to recover fastest. We will try to prioritize a few tees to do this year. 

Volunteers report

March  2024

Fallen gum nuts at the 11th tee were raked and disposed of. 

Worked in the garden bed behind the club house where shrubs were trimmed and tidied.

Attended to the top side of Kath’s garden with trimming and removal of cuttings.

Cut back the shrubs that had grown onto the right hand side of the 7th tee.

Picked up and removed fallen gum tree debris from along the left hand side of the second and third holes.

Re tied the shade clothe that had fallen behind the 5th tee.


Also to our very important members of the Volunteer Team who have contributed their time during 2023.

Bruce Collins, Ken Cooper, Colin Grey, John Griffiths, Bob Harding, Henry Holman, Stan James, Chris Jamieson, Geoff Kinniburgh, Ross McKenzie, John Middleton, Terry O’Riley, Puffa Sawyer, Rick Spillane, David Stephenson, Kenny Vu, Mike Woods.


2023 8th Hole

Concept design attached for re-instatement at the end of the project with Melbourne Water via TP golf.

Course Master plan

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below that is used as a guide for future works.

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