15th June 2024

What’s On

Trivia Night- Friday 26th July- book via timesheet 

Noonan Medal Dinner- Friday August  9 – book via timesheet 


Brian Sexton- Brian was a member for over 40 years. He passed away earlier this week.  

SWRSC Dinner nights at Medway GC

June 26th, July 31st, August 28th, September 25th, October 30th, November 27th

Dinner will commence between 6:45 and 7:15 pm. 

2 course buffet, drinks at bar price. cost will be $40

Direct deposit payment 

633000       155216062

RSVP – Barry Williams. 0414 946 312

Please let Barry know name of all attendees the Thursday prior

Fundraising will go towards Junior sport.

Berkely Clothing

All pre-ordered shirts are ready for collection from the Medway Pro-Shop.

Each order will be packaged and labelled with each members name on it for collection.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or phone, I am more than happy to assist.

Once again, we appreciate the welcoming & warming support from the Medway members and again for your patience in waiting for the polos.

Golf Operations –

Live Timesheets  

Members can and are now expected to book to play on every occasion,  right up to their tee times. 
Those playing anytime off peak can book as they arrive in the car park and head to the tee .
Like on main comp days- those members on the timesheet (at the correct time and tee) will no longer need to report to the golf shop on arrival.

Only members needing help to book in will have to report to the golf shop 1st or those wanting to hit off a different tee to that booked.

Golf staff will be trained to use the live timesheets all day and will start running the tee all day if/ when required and eventually incorporating more course patrols to ensure all players are booked. 
We do require you as members to help. Please ensure you use your phones to be on the tee on time, be aware of who is in front and don’t wait to be called if the group is out of reach. In future we hope the tee can run effectively using technology to assist. Our staff will always be around and monitoring if needed. 

CDS- Container Deposit Scheme- Recycling

The club has transitioned into recycling bins around the clubhouse. Please use the recycling bins where appropriate. 


Member Club Storage and Batteries

As  of April 1- all member equipment stored in the buggy storage and cart shed are stored at owners risk. That means we encourage all members who wish to have their golf equipment insured to take out their own insurance.

Member’s equipment is insured throughout the golf course and anywhere in Australia as a general rule – more info under membership news or via the office with an excess.

Car Park

Cars are parked at owners risk as always.

Strategy and Workshop Information

The recent survey, member workshop and Golf Australia strategy session has informed the board’s planning for 2024 and beyond. These activities are also being considered in the update and refresh of the current Medway Strategy.

Most of the larger Cap ex projects are completed. With the purchase (lease) of 4 new course machinery items, the dam , some security upgrades and smaller items that were required cap ex for 2024 is now fully exhausted at around $300K.

Beside the projects below complete the rest are planned or in early planning stages for 2025 and beyond’

  • 4th dam extension and repair- completed May 24
  • Course sprayer- leased March 
  • Aerator, Spreader and Pro core course machines – leased June 2024
  • Women’s locker room improvements- planning for early 2025
  • 5th Tee fence- planning for 2025
  • General tee levelling- refer Golf committee/ Course super
  • Continued bunker improvements program- refer golf committee/ course super
  • 8th tee and green/ bunker rebuild- Design done- see below
  • 9th greenside bunker rebuilds- designs done- see below
  • Chipper/ short game area increase green size and new bunker- planning/ internal project
  • Removal of caretaker house- TBC
  • Removal of old golfshop- TBC 
  • Rebuild of club member buggy storage near cart shed-  planning 
  • Master plan of putting green, pathways and 1st/6th tee complex (without old golfshop) – note- nets likely to remain in their current location and not near the proposed putting green  in the drawing below.
  • Glass wall into member lounge and final deck extension – TBC – 2025 beyond
  • Netted practice facility- planning phase only- long term

The course related improvements and course equipment needs will be included in the new Superintendent’s course works planning and maintenance schedule. A summary is under course news.

The larger and longer term capital works items require funding as part of developing the full Medway strategy.

Our current 2020-25 Strategy is below.

The Full golf course strategy is under Course News from Pacific Coast.

The current Membership strategy is under Membership news page.

Melbourne Water Project

Recent update as of May is that the project is still continuing and will break ground near 8th tee shortly. A major re-engineering is being done surrounding the river crossing. In May MW will have a final idea as to whether to proceed either across the top of the river or underneath.

Once that decision is made the timelines for the project will be more certain. If it ends up being an underneath solution the project will take much longer and we will re-address our compensation and playing strategies as a result. 

As a short term measure the club has asked MW to provide a temp tee (artificial grass) approx 110 metres to green to play the 8th whilst the project is in delay. If/ when that occurs the chipper will have a rest- become a short game area again and the course will be played as normal. 

As a side note if you’re interested, for any info relating to the broader Maribyrnong flood review Melbourne Water is undertaking (not specific to this project) you can check out the link below.


Medway Golf Club and KCM Trade Unite for Charity at the Medway Corporate Cup

June 3, 2024

On May 24th, we hosted the remarkable Medway Corporate Cup, a prestigious golf event that brought together players and supporters for a day of competition and charity. With the invaluable support of our long-term partner, KCM Trade, we enjoyed an exhilarating day of golf and raised funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF), bringing warmth and hope to children in need.


The Children’s Cancer Foundation, established in 1992, is dedicated to funding world-class research, providing top-tier clinical care, and offering quality family support programs. To date, the foundation has raised A$69,133,000 to support children and families impacted by cancer.

During the evening banquet, hosted by KCM Trade’s analyst Rachael Jones, our President Jeff Messer and CCF’s Fundraising Director Renee Jess delivered speeches highlighting the foundation’s vital work. The event’s highlight was the charity auction, led by member Fabian Rosin, which raised over A$8,560 for CCF.

This event showcased the social responsibility of both Medway Golf Club and KCM Trade. Together, we strive to create a more compassionate world through ongoing support and community engagement.




Social Media

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Medway Golf Club on Facebook- like us/ follow us

We don’t comment on social media. Please email the General Manager any queries and they can be forwarded on to the relevant sub committee.

Member Behaviour and Social media

A member Social Media Policy will be on the policies page of website.

Please be respectful in comments. All members are subject to our conduct and behavior policy. If members wish to ask about the club please contact the General Manager or approach a Board members in a respectful manner at the appropriate time.

Contacting Us/ Request some info

For members using social media, the Club does not use the comments section to answer member queries. If you have a question please email the office or golfstaff or check the website for details.

Reminder all comments by members are subject to the club’s conduct and behavior policy.

Staff and Member Safety

With increase playing numbers please be aware to minimize risk on course;

Ground staff have right of way- if a golfer sees a ground staff member working they must wait before playing until they are out of range or signal to hit.

We roster ground staff accordingly to minimize interference on main competition days or work early morning.

Beware of Snakes at all times

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