18th June 2024

Greens Mowing

Due to early damp mornings this time of year on Monday, Wednesday or Friday greens may be cut late morning to improve conditions. Ground staff have right of way at all times.

Course Machinery

In light of the plans below the board have approved the purchase of the following equipment due to arrive in July;

a sand spreader- for dusting (sand)- for reducing thatch and improving green health

a fairway aerator- for aerating fairway and surrounds- to improve root growth and moisture retention and drainage

a pro core- for corring greens with various settings.- for improving green health and firmness

This equipment has been approved and replaces old equipment to makes these tasks possible with minimum interruption to play.

Course Maintenance Plan

Weekly Course Schedules

Greens– mowed, dew whipped or rolled- 7 days a week

Holes cut- Monday AM, Friday arvo, Sunday – caps changed

Fairways– mowed- weekly- as required- less often during winter

Bunkers– raked Tuesday, Friday 

Edges- trimmed – as required

Manage sand depth

Tees/ Surrounds

Tee plate Rotation- twice week

Tee Divot repair- weekly

Mowing- weekly


Rough cut – as required- 40ml-50ml heights.

Ball washers/ Bins/ Sand boxes, Buckets, Car park clean weekly/ twice weekly- 

Annual Maintenance Plan


Dusted- every 4-6 weeks- typically Mondays- course staff have right of way.

Note- Monday comp may be suspended on occasions if course maintenance doesn’t allow for comp to be played

Small Aerated – as required 

Fertilizer/ Feed – as required

Weed/ Disease eradication- as required

Greens Renovation Corring- September / Mid March 2025


Pre emergent spray winter grass- Autumn

Post eradication spray of winter grass- Winter

Aerated – as required


Walk in / re-shape faces – 

Tees/ Surrounds

Tee levelling- sanding/ top dressing / seeding – as required 


Rough clean up- volunteers/ staff after storm damage

Arborist- regular


Sprinklers under review

Other Projects

4th Hole Completion

June- Sant-ana sodding around fairways and across 4th hole

Fescue- seeding around dam edging

Final shaping near green

Arborist Clean up-

June- clean up of logs/ mulch

June Volunteers 

Transplanted a jacaranda tree to a new location along the 2nd hole.

Re located two daphnes to a new position behind the 5th tee.

Removed a dead shrub and staked 3 others at the 12th tee.

Completed repairs to the wheel rut damage where the tree fellers were working on the 5th and 8th holes.

 Put sand along the edge and in other places where needed on the couch grass around the 4th dam renovation


2023 8th Hole

Concept design attached for re-instatement at the end of the project with Melbourne Water via TP golf.

Course Master plan

The 2010 Course Master Plan is attached below that is used as a guide for future works.

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