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2019/20 Projects

18th hole/ 5th mounding/ treeline 

Work  commenced as of October with 5 trees being removed between the 18th and 5th fairway. Final mounding has been constructed with seeding and stone eradication concluded. Irrigation trenches have been dug and … Read More

November 1 2019 Extraordinary  General Meeting (EGM) Notice is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Medway Golf Club will be held at the Clubhouse, 57 Omar St, Maidstone on Tuesday 17th December 2019, at 7.00pm. Notice of … Read More


Men’s Rd 1 Saturday 16th November, Rd 2 23rd November, Rd 3 (Open only) 30th November, Final Round Sunday 1st December

Women’s Club Championship (Weekend) Rd 1 Sunday 17th November, Rd 2 24th November, Final Rd Sunday … Read More

2019 Stan Booth Midweek Championship

Rd 2 – scoreboard 

2019 Medway Club Championships

Grades for the Men’s Club Championships are as follows.

GA Handicaps below 

Open up to 6.6 

B Grade- 6.7- 11.0

C Grade 11.1 – 14.5

D … Read More

Weather Radar Melbourne

November 2019 – Mobile Website

If your mobile view of the website is lacking any features please clear your website browsing history in settings on your phone.

November 2019 New Local Rule- 11th hole- 12th fairway

In playing the … Read More